Say Goodbye to Lame Virtual Events by Adding Graphic Recording

What is Digital Graphic Recording?

Virtual Graphic recording has quickly become a go-to resource for businesses looking to improve their virtual events. With so many online meetings, it’s more important than ever to create messaging that resonates with an audience. Graphic recording provides the best opportunity to do that. 

When you hire a graphic recorder, they’ll join your event virtually and sketch out the big ideas in real-time. The benefit? Creating a digital representation of your agenda and content enables audiences to connect from the other side of the screen like never before. Visual summaries amplify your message and serve as a visual recap for attendees post-event

If you need a way to combat zoom fatigue, look no further than virtual graphic recording. 

Collage of graphic recordings

Why Visual Notes are So Popular for Virtual Events

For many, working remotely has become the new norm. But, it’s no secret that virtual meetings and events come with unique pain points. Driving engagement in large groups is often challenging and user retention is near impossible to measure. Unless you have a dedicated notetaker, it’s likely that essential details will get lost in the mix or ignored altogether. 

When you work with a graphic recorder, you’re gaining a solution to both of these challenges. Live visuals drive interest and help your audience feel connected. That is critical when meeting distractions are just a click away. Best of all, no one is burdened with taking organized notes and distributing them to appropriate team members after the fact. 

Graphic recording and facilitation provide your audience with hand-drawn digital visuals that capture essential messaging. This process makes your virtual events more efficient and exciting than ever.  

While graphic recording offers several advantages during virtual events, it provides unique opportunities to leverage the content after your event. Sharing the final product on social media or in other marketing efforts helps clients or followers conceptualize your initiatives. 

Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect about Remote Visual Notes

Reasons to Use Digital Graphic Recording

The potential uses of graphic recording go far beyond traditional company meetings. Here are some of the most common cases in which virtual sketching offers tremendous value: 

Conferences and summits are a terrific platform for communicating important information. Unfortunately, with so many distractions and lackluster keynotes, audiences don’t always retain critical talking points. By leveraging graphic recording, the conversation is visually supported with attention-grabbing illustrations that help capture and synthesize critical messaging. Best of all, attendees will receive a copy of the recording, serving as a valuable keepsake and shareable tool. 

Team building exercises carry a ton of potential. But getting everyone involved on the same page isn’t always easy. By incorporating visual resources, you can tackle abstract objectives and feel confident that your team-building goals are being communicated clearly. Providing a visual roadmap of your activity and discussion helps connect your group and promotes a fun and positive environment.

Brainstorming and breakout sessions have a ton of potential. But when the follow-up doesn’t align with the session, it can feel like the brainstorm never happened at all. Using graphic recording during these types of meetings helps everyone get involved and stay focused without the responsibility of taking detailed notes and creating follow-up tasks. Most importantly, you get to visualize your great ideas coming to life!

Product demos are critical opportunities that require demonstrators to convey overwhelming amounts of information in a concise yet memorable format. If you need a way to enhance your messaging and create a more memorable experience, graphic recording should be on your radar. Highlight the best features of your product in a format that engages your audience like never before.

The keyword here being creative. Engaging your audience during a presentation is more difficult than ever. As we’ve previously mentioned, distractions are unavoidable, and when presentations lack creativity, attention spans plummet. Adding compelling visuals that supplement your messaging keeps attendees engaged and memorializes the big ideas. That way, when distractions inevitably occur, no one misses a beat.

Quality training is an invaluable resource. Unfortunately, training processes are not always consistent, and important details are often overlooked. Incorporating graphic recording in training sessions and materials keeps your instructions standardized while adding flair that trainees are more likely to remember.

Webinars require individuals to take time out of their busy schedules. In many cases, users are trying to obtain CE credits and care more about them than what they learn. Graphic recording is the BEST solution for creating webinars that get users involved and provide real educational value. Hire a graphic recording artist for your next webinar and watch your attendance rates skyrocket.

The possibilities are endless! If you’ve got an online or virtual event that could use a creative spin, we want to help! Whatever the scenario, graphic recording will transform your messaging and leave your attendees feeling more informed, more engaged, and more likely to want to do it again.


Animation of graphic recording artist creating a live virtual sketch


How it Works / Our Process

  • Discovery Call & AV Testing

Prior to your event, we’ll set up a call to go over the details. We’ll also run preliminary AV testing to ensure the live event runs without any glitches. 

  • Prep for Perfection

After understanding your goals, our artist gets to work on prepping for the event to create the best product possible. This includes getting the canvas ready, organizing their color palette, reviewing the agenda, and more. 

  • Go-Time

Once the event starts and users are logged in, the artist begins sketching out major themes and talking points. Your attendees get to watch this happen in real-time while following along with the presenter. If you don’t want to feature the artist for the whole time, you can opt for a “rotating spotlight” and feature the artist during moments, in between sessions, or at specific times.

  • Memorialized Deliverables

After the event, we’ll share the final deliverables with your team. Graphic recordings act as a one-of-a-kind recap. Additionally, they can be used as a resource for a variety of other efforts and initiatives.

Examples of Digital Graphics We’ve Created

We specialize in virtual and in-person graphic recording. Here are some examples of visual summaries we’ve created for various event types. 

Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled "Supporting Family Caregivers During COVID-19"


Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled "#Roadtrip California"


Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled "Spring 2020 Convening: College to Career Track


Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled Marketing & Social Media


Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled The Art of Leadership


Graphic Recording created by The Sketch Effect titled " The Non-Profit's Guide to Weathering a Pandemic"

Digital Graphic Recording Solutions & More

We are passionate about the power of visual communication. Whether you need to add a boost to virtual events or want to captivate a live audience with on-site sketching, we have the experience and tools needed to help you create a memorable experience. From video animation to digital graphic recording, our artists are ready to help leave a resonating message with your online or in-person audience.