5 Reasons to Use Graphic Facilitation at Virtual Conferences

Planning an important virtual conference and want to get the most out of your budget? With graphic facilitation, an offsite live artist will join your virtual meeting or event and sketch out your ideas in a large scale visual format. 

Leveraging graphic recording will make your event better and more cost-effective for several critical reasons.

5 Ways Graphic Facilitation Can Improve Virtual Conferences & Events

Visual from graphic recording about increasing audience engagement

Recording Important Takeaways

Ever finish a meeting or conference and feel a little foggy? You can spend hours of your day on something, only to feel like you aren’t really sure what was accomplished.

When you participate in a conference with graphic facilitation, you will be able to literally see a map of the discussion. The Visual practitioners will help structure the final illustration in such a way that important takeaways show noticeable hierarchy over conversation details and smaller notes.

Increasing the Mileage of Your Event

A lot of hard work goes into planning and realizing conferences—whether they are virtual or in-person. You can get more out of every dollar when you capitalize on the event long after it’s over. How are you increasing the mileage?

When you use a graphic facilitator and graphic recorder at your event, you are creating content that can be used far beyond the event. You can create a video that is great for YouTube, your website, training purposes, or onboarding.

Including all Learners in the Discussion

Chances are, your speaker can’t draw. And, let’s be honest: most slides are boring.

But, how are your visual learners getting the information? While some get information well from audible speaking, most people are far faster at learning visually. This is a key reason why speakers use slides, images, and props—we know how important visual learning is to our audience! Make sure you include visual aids for supported group learning.

With graphic recorders, you get live illustrations visually supporting the conversation. It’s a captivating and powerful tool that helps your visual learners stay focused and get the most out of the presentation. When paired with captions, it’s an excellent tool for including attendees that are hearing-impaired.

Live sketch artist using graphic facilitation tool on ipad

Illustrating the Bigger Picture (In Real-Time!)

Ever had someone keep circling back to one point? Or, remember how you could only recall a couple of small takeaways from a past conference? Virtual notes help avoid both of these problems. They help structure the conversation to cover the overarching topic so that many points are discussed. And then, we help drive home a number of points so that your participants can see the large scale picture. They get to watch it all unfold in real-time!

Create Professional Content

You are on a budget and can’t afford studio-quality video of your conference. You most likely don’t have access to a professional set and live events tend to look like a step above home video from the 90s. 

With graphic recorders illustrating your event, you will get professional-looking content. And, you can brand it by incorporating your logo, colors, or style. Check out our portfolio for examples of illustrations we’ve created for past clients. 

Graphic Facilitation & Recording Experts

We’re passionate about helping our clients make their ideas understandable and actionable. Our industry-leading graphic recording artists will help transform your virtual conference and make it stand out for all of the right reasons. 

Get in touch with us today to start planning your next virtual conference or event!


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