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Dry and outdated training programs can make learning feel like a chore. Animated training videos shake things up, converting complex information into compelling, easy-to-grasp visuals. They make professional development informative and enjoyable, turning essential training into an experience employees look forward to.

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Popular Animation Styles For Training Videos

Whiteboard Explainers

2D Animated Videos

Motion Graphics Animation

screenshot of whiteboard video completed for VistaPrint

First-Hand Explainers on a Whiteboard

Whiteboard explainer videos offer a compelling approach to external and internal training. This style of animation features hand-drawn images and text that come to life on a virtual whiteboard, mimicking the familiarity and clarity of a traditional classroom setting. The sequential drawing process naturally guides viewers through a learning journey, making complex concepts easier to follow and understand. Whiteboard animations are particularly effective for training because they break down information into digestible, bite-sized pieces, keeping learners engaged and focused.
A cartoon animation image showing a male standing in front of a bank

Bring Stories to Life with 2D Animation

2D animation is a highly versatile and effective medium for creating training videos, offering a perfect blend of creativity and clarity. This style utilizes two-dimensional, flat graphics that move and interact in a visually appealing way, bringing concepts to life through vibrant visuals and fluid motion. The strength of 2D animation lies in its ability to simplify complex ideas and present them in an engaging, easily understandable format. It allows for the creation of diverse characters and scenarios that can resonate with a wide audience, making the learning experience more relatable and memorable.
Zirc Dental Motion Graphics Animation Screen Shot

Create Elevated Visual with Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics offers a dynamic and contemporary approach to training videos, blending graphic design with animation to create a visually compelling learning experience. This style is characterized by the movement of graphic elements, such as shapes, text, and images, which are animated to flow seamlessly together, conveying information in an engaging and digestible manner. The strength of Motion Graphics lies in their ability to present data, ideas, and processes in a visually striking way, making them ideal for explaining abstract or complex concepts. The use of bold colors, transitions, and kinetic typography can highlight key points and maintain viewer engagement throughout the training session.

Our 5-Step Video Production Process

01 Kickoff Call

We begin with a call to get aligned on the project at a high level. We’ll discuss your overall goals for the video, messaging, audience, channels, and call-to-action. We’ll also dive into the creative process, discussing color palette, branding considerations, voice-over preference, and more.

02 Script & Voice-Over

Working with our team of writers, we will take all the material from the Kick Off Call, as well as other materials, documents, and references, and turn it into a wonderful script that matches your preferred voice and tone. Once approved, we will also source voice-over talent based on your preferences.

03 Storyboard

After scripting, we jump right into the storyboard. In this step, we break down the video panel by panel, sequence by sequence, and create rough, loose sketches to convey the overall visual direction. Here is when the video begins to come to life visually!

04 Illustration

Depending on your video style, we will create the polished final illustrations, graphics and assets that will go into the video animation. This is when our in-house team of illustrators get to really shine.

05 Final Edit

Once everything is ready, we generate the final animated edit. Everything is sequenced together, music and sound effects are added in, the voice-over is synced up, and the final video is rendered out. Congrats! You now have a final animated video.

Animated Training Videos

are a Great Fit For:

Compliance & Legal Education

Health and Safety Procedures

Tutorials & Demos

Customer Service Training

External and Internal Training

Technical Skill Training Programs

The Value for Your Audience

The Value for Your Businesses

More Efficient Messaging

Animated video is the quintessential medium for impactful training content delivery. It transcends the barriers of learner backgrounds, offering a universally accessible and engaging format. Animation makes the absorption of information faster and its retention longer-lasting compared to traditional training methods. Whether you're orienting newcomers or enhancing the skills of your seasoned team, our animations ensure that your training content is not only clear but also memorable and enjoyable.

Entertainment & Engagement

In a world brimming with distractions like constant emails, captivating social media, and viral videos, it's challenging for crucial information to stand out. Animation infuses an element of entertainment and engagement into training topics, which might otherwise seem mundane. This approach ensures that your essential messages capture attention and maintain interest, making learning an enjoyable experience.

Increased Comprehension

Humans are wired to process visual information remarkably faster than text — 60,000 times faster, to be exact. By utilizing animated videos for training, you provide your audience, be it your team or customers, with a medium that's not only quick to grasp but also effective and straightforward. This visual approach caters to a wide range of learning styles, ensuring that complex concepts are easily understood by everyone.

Longer Retention

Retention of information is crucial in training, particularly when it involves acquiring new skills or understanding procedures. Visual communication, as studies have shown, significantly enhances the likelihood of retaining information over longer periods compared to just reading or listening. Our animated training videos leverage this principle, ensuring that your audience not only learns but also remembers the training content effectively, leading to better application and mastery of skills.

Clear Call-to-Action

Whether it's applying a new skill, completing a course, or participating in group training, animation can effectively encourage action. The vibrant and engaging nature of animated videos not only conveys your message but also inspires viewers to act, aligning perfectly with your post-training objectives.

Maximized Shareability

The ability to fine-tune every detail, from the characters to the setting, ensures that the training material is not just informative but also deeply resonant and pertinent to your audience's daily experiences and challenges. This customization extends to branding as well, ensuring that every aspect of the video aligns with your company's image and values.

Ease of Production

The process is flexible, allowing for easy edits and adjustments without the logistical challenges of live filming. By eliminating the need for on-screen talent, studio rentals, crew hires, and other production expenses, animation streamlines the entire video creation process, making it a hassle-free and efficient choice for your training needs.


Beyond the ease and efficiency of production, animation stands out as a cost-effective solution for training. Compared to traditional video production methods, animation offers a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality or engagement, ensuring you get the best value for your investment in training resources.


In the Words of

   Our Partners   

"We partnered with The Sketch Effect to create an animated video to explain our team management platform and are very happy with the results! From the initial script to final animation, the team made the entire process easy for us and delivered a creative and effective final video. Our Pickle Juice platform has only benefited from utilizing this video and look forward to continued growth, thanks to our new animated explainer video!"

Kellie H.

Customer Support & Onboarding Specialist

Pickle Juice

"The Sketch Effect is awesome! The animated video they made for us at Cure VCP Disease will be instrumental in spreading awareness about our important cause. The Whiteboard Animation helped communicate a complex and serious issue in a clear, understandable way, and guided viewers towards actionable next steps. This video will help us further our mission in a profound way. Thanks Sketch Effect!"

Nathan Peck


Cure VCP Disease, Inc.

"I came to The Sketch Effect with a rough idea for an animated universe to house a new product family and they brought it to life! As someone who is not a designer, it can be very difficult to get ideas out of my head and the team at Sketch Effect are so good at asking the right questions to get a feel for what I’m looking for and deliver it so well, and then some! They are creative and responsive and always eager to problem solve!"

Hannah Higerd

Marketing Services Manager

Acuity Brands

"Our business is complex. In looking for simple and shareable means to communicate our issues, we found The Sketch Effect. The relationship started with several illustrated videos explaining the workings of power plants and the electric grid. We have also advanced to using the team for Live Sketching at internal meetings and training sessions. Their ability to simplify messaging into layman’s language and visuals has been astonishing to see and beneficial to our success. We value the partnership."

Ronny Just

Governmental Relations Manager

Southern Company

"We cannot thank The Sketch Effect enough! Our team was really pleased with the illustrated video and how well it communicated the vision for our project. The Sketch Effect team did a phenomenal job turning our long winded elevator speech into something people could grasp and get excited about quickly."

Tresa Sharma

Field Marketing


"Our animated video with the Sketch Effect turned out wonderfully and we were very happy with the entire process. It was great working with the Sketch Effect team – they really understood the assignment and our goals for this communication effort! We launched the video to the entire Staff and have been receiving compliments ever since! As our work in this space continues, I’m sure we will be back in touch for more animation projects with The Sketch Effect."

De’Johna S. Council

Corporate Legal

Chick-fil-A, Inc.

"Our video has been a big hit and we've received a lot of positive feedback. It’s such a great storytelling technique and way of visually engaging our stakeholders. As you can imagine, with a company our size there is a lot of “noise” when it comes to communication – this is a great way to stand out."

Douglas Bremner

Global Quality & Food Safety

The Coca-Cola Company

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Animation Services FAQs

How long does it take to create an animated video?

On average, between 6 and 9 weeks (depending on a variety of factors)

Do you help with scriptwriting?

Yes! We have a team of professional script writers who will draft an excellent script for your video (with input and approval from you, of course!)

How many revisions do we receive?

Our standard Scopes-of-Work include one round of revisions each for the scripting, storyboard, and final edit step. We can build in additional rounds of revisions if needed.

What type of animation style is right for my business?

This depends on a number of factors, including your audience, goals, message, and more. Our team will be happy to consult with you on what type of video will be best based on your needs.

What sets you apart from other animated explainer video companies?

First, we don’t use any stock imagery or assets pulled off the internet…everything we make is entirely custom! This includes our Whiteboard videos, which are created by a real human being in our studio. This makes each of our videos entirely unique and tailored to each specific client and their specific needs. Also, our price point is in the “just right” zone. We won’t be the cheapest (because our work isn’t cheap), but we also won’t break the bank.

Do you offer 3D animation services?

Not currently.

How do I know if my business needs explainer videos?

If you want your business to be successful, you need an explainer video!

How much do animated videos cost?

We price out each project individually based on a variety of factors (including style, timing, length, and more). Book a call with one of our sales representatives to get a more specific idea of how much your video animation project might cost.

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