The Sketch Effect is a talented team of creative and operational rockstars dedicated to elevating ideas through remarkable visual communication.

William Warren

Founder and CEO

A passionate believer in visual communication, William’s primary task is to ensure The Sketch Effect is delivering the best possible visual communication solutions to its clients. He’s the standard-bearer, sketch ambassador, and visual communication evangelist, on a mission to elevate ideas. In addition to running the business, William still likes to get his hands dirty (with marker ink, of course).

Meg Easterbrook

Director of Operations

Meg’s job is to keep the whole system running smoothly, ensuring excellent, on-time, and on budget projects. Whether it’s drafting a killer timeline, coordinating deliverables, or keeping a project on track, Meg does her work with equal parts grace and grit.  She ensures that the Sketch Effect experience is amazing for both clients and team-members, alike. Plus, she’s also a heck of a nice person.

Tereza Omabuwa

Sr. Business Development Coordinator

A native of Prague, Czech Republic, Tereza speaks many languages, has worked all over the world, and loves diverse cultures. She also loves the culture of business and speaks the language of value, eager to share all about the value of visual communication. Up for any adventure, Tereza has crossed Mongolia on horseback, explored the Himalayas on a motorbike, and keeps up with pen pals from around the world.

Alejo Porras

Creative Lead

Born in Costa Rica & fluent in both English and Spanish, Alejo is the second bilingual member of the Sketch Effect team. Armed with a background in Graphic Design and a Masters Degree in Illustration, Alejo is a Live Sketching force to be reckoned with.  He’s a great active listener, too — just ask his wife (who also happens to be an amazing illustrator). If you ever hang out with Alejo, ask him to cook for you — his culinary abilities are also top notch


Brandon Jones


Brandon is one of the animators/editors at The Sketch Effect, using his considerable skills to masterfully bring Sketch Effect videos to life. If he comes across as quiet, it’s just because he’s contemplating the next mind-blowing technique he’ll use to make the next Sketch Effect video the best Sketch Effect video. …Or he’s contemplating Burritos (#AnimationFuel). Brandon has been known to spend his evenings engaged in epic light saber duels. 

Allie Conzola


A Pennsylvania transplant and recent Atlanta resident, Allie is an illustration all-star. Combining influences from Miyazaki, Disney and variety of children’s book illustrators, Allie brings a whimsical, warm and personable style to Sketch Effect Whiteboard and Animated videos. When she’s not sketching, you can find Allie out in the woods, exploring the great outdoors in search of the next source of artistic and visual inspiration.

Sydney Jacobsen

Operations Coordinator

Wired for the details but always keeping in mind the big picture, Sydney’s job is to bring order from the chaos and support the team’s mission to deliver remarkable visual communication work.  In other words, she sees the forest and the trees. Speaking of trees, Sydney loves the great outdoors (especially wintery locations), is a pine tree aficionado, and has lived in both Alaska and Haiti.

Abbie Bythewood

Business Development Coordinator

As business development coordinator, Abbie’s job is simple as it challenging: tell as many people as possible about the awesomeness of visual communication. An Atlanta native (but Boston-sports fan…what?), Abbie spends her free time coaching varsity basketball, traveling, and plotting future adventures. Mt. Kilimanjaro is next up on the bucket-list, after being inspired by previous trips to Tanzania and Nepal.

Catherine Huyck


Hailing from “America’s High-five” (aka Michigan), Catherine combines here enthusiastic spirit and Midwestern work-ethic to produce exceptional animation work.  In fact, the only thing more amazing than her animation might be her earrings, which take on many styles and sizes. Catherine is also an avid tosser of pizza, dedicated book-binder, committed puzzle-solver, and bigfoot aficionado.

Jai Ollennu

Live Artist – Los Angeles, CA

Jai is The Sketch Effect’s resident Live Artist in Los Angeles, helping serve clients in California and other parts of the western United States. Jai brings a diverse set of skills to the table, including design, coding, illustration, animation, graffiti art, Capoeira, and more. Besides producing stellar Graphic Recordings for Sketch Effect clients, he might just be the most likeable human on the planet.

Rachel Eleanor Phillips

Live Artist – Atlanta, GA

Proudly rocking the double name, Rachel Eleanor is an Atlanta-based designer/ illustrator extraordinaire. Having taken up sketch noting at her first “real job” after art school, she quickly discovered how Live Sketching is a perfect blend of her love for quality art, compelling ideas, and great people. When not at the canvas, Rachel Eleanor hangs out with her husband and cat, enjoys bird watching, bookstores, yoga, flowers, podcasts and Trader Joe’s adventures.

Ross Boone

 Live Artist – Atlanta, GA

Ross is one of The Sketch Effect’s Atlanta-area Live Artists. With two impressive degrees (in Engineering and Industrial Design) and a wealth of creative skills (illustration, animation, writing and design), Ross combines his right and left brains to create amazing work. Three years ago, Ross left his corporate job to pursue a creative career and hasn’t looked back. Fun fact if you ever talk to him: He survived an airplane crash!


Alson Chiu

Live Artist – Atlanta, GA

Born in California and raised in Hong Kong, Alson is an Atlanta transplant equipped with a degree in illustration. His light and whimsical style lends itself well to graphic recording and live sketching. Alson is an avid gamer (platforms and strategy only, please!), a committed cat-lover (2 cats and counting) and an enthusiastic cook (who will insist on feeding those around him whether or not they’re actually hungry).

Kent Carollo

Live Artist – Salt Lake City, UT

A Salt Lake City resident by way of Hawaii, Kent Carollo is a true jack of all trades. After earning a degree in Biology, Kent passed up dental school to pursue freelance Graphic Design. He’s also a gifted Live Sketcher, producing quality Graphic Recordings and Sketchnotes that embody the clean flavor of his design work. A few other skills in Kent’s repertoire include Polynesian dancing, surfing and traditional Maori woodcarving.

Joe Watkins

Live Artist – Cincinnati, OH

Hailing from the Buckeye State, Joe Watkins is The Sketch Effect’s resident Midwesterner. In addition to Graphic Recording and Sketchnotes, Joe’s other jobs have included being a pastor, a graphic designer and a father of two boys — perhaps his toughest job of all. In addition to sketching, Joe enjoys live music, watching sports, and cooking. And for the record, he’s not a huge fan of Cincinnati-style chili, so don’t ask

John Whitworth

Live Artist – Nashville, TN

A Nashville, Tennessee resident by way of the great state of Texas, John brings his cartooning background to create Graphic Recordings that are as equally whimsical and fun as they are informative and actionable. In addition to live sketching, John is an accomplished book illustrator, public speaker, and teacher. John’s specialty is using humor to engage and inspire his audiences.

Join the Team!

At The Sketch Effect, we are always looking for talented creatives to join our team and extended network. If you are a seasoned pro or just starting your visual communication journey, we’d love to get to know you. Check out the postings below, or if nothing is listed, reach out to us at