In addition to helping our clients communicate and share ideas, we have a few ideas of our own! From keynote speeches delivered by our Founder & CEO, team workshops led by our amazing Live Artists, online courses and more, The Sketch Effect is available to help teach and train around the power of visual communication and other engaging topics.

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Looking to bring in a fresh voice to your next meeting, conference or panel?

Our founder, William Warren, shares at events of all shapes and sizes, offering his unique perspective on business, creativity and leadership from 10+ years in the entrepreneurial trenches.

William is available for inspirational and educational keynote-style presentations, as well as more in-depth workshops for teams.


Speaking Topics Include

Animated sketch of a caption bubble

The Power of Visual Communication

Visual communication isn’t just emojis, memes and gifs…it’s in your DNA! Learn the four benefits of visual communication and how you’re missing out if you aren’t leveraging it in the workplace.

Animated picture of the globe with ears

How Active Listening Can Change the World

Although it’s not sexiest of skills, it may just be the most critical. Learn how listening can help you win at work, rescue your relationships and maybe…just maybe…change the world.

Animated graphic of a marker/rocket combo

Tales from a Creative Entrepreneur

Launching a business is hard. Launching a creative business…well that’s something else! Learn from William’s own first-hand experience starting and scaling a business of creative people delivering creative services.

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About William

After several years of bouncing between artistic careers and corporate careers, William was ready for a change. Enjoying aspects of both the left-brained business world and the right-brained creative world, William launched a business that comfortably lives in both.


Armed with a master’s degree in Illustration, a long history in cartooning, and work experience as a creative director and marketing coordinator, William’s business exists at the intersection of his three professional passions: art, ideas, and people. The Sketch Effect’s mission “To Make Ideas Understandable and Actionable” fires William up each and every day. As a leader, artist and entrepreneur, William would love to share his story with you. From lessons learned in the trenches to the hard science behind visual communication and listening, William will educate, inspire, encourage and challenge your team at your next meeting.

Image of William Warren

Workshops Include

Animated sketch of a jack rabbit

Listen Up! Unlocking the Power of Heroic Listening

What is the single most fundamental—yet most undervalued–of all business skills? What skill to you use most often, yet are least educated, trained, or coached in? Listening! Good listening has a wealth of benefits which most of us leave on the table. In this workshop, William will give a deep dive overview of Active Listening, what it means, why it’s so critical in business and life, and actionable ways to get better at it.

Animated sketch of the bust of a man tying a tie but the tie is a pencil

Sketch Effectiveness: Drawing for Business

A picture is worth a thousand words! Dive into the fundamentals of visual communication and how it can be leveraged for effectiveness in the workplace. Even those who “can’t even draw a stick figure” will learn easy, valuable sketching techniques, boost their visual vocabulary, and understand how drawing simple pictures will help you communicate ideas, solve problems, and win in the workplace.

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