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live sketching

With Sketch Effect Live, we travel to your conference, event, or meeting and sketch in the room in real-time. Whether you want to capture main stage content through  Graphic Recording or crowd-source ideas from your attendees through Interactive murals, our team will visualize your ideas in the moment and produce an artifact that will engage and excite an audience .

animated videos

At The Sketch Effect, we produce custom videos that help communicate your message in an understandable and actionable way. Whether through our classic and eye-catching “Whiteboard Style” animation or through our slick and polished “2-D ” or “Motion Graphics” animation, our team makes efficient and effective videos that your audience will actually watch.


“Having artists from The Sketch Effect at our onboarding programs has been a huge hit! The learners love seeing their conversations and work come to life through the sketches the artists create. They feel “heard” and that their contributions are validated. And as a result, they engage more. The sketches have great uses following the programs, too! They can be used in communications and marketing of future events. The team was easy to work with and they made the whole experience fun for everyone.”

Ernie Brescia
Senior Manager, Live Design & Development Studio

“We cannot thank The Sketch Effect enough! Our team was really pleased with the illustrated video and how well it communicated the vision for our project. The Sketch Effect team did a phenomenal job turning our long winded elevator speech into something people could grasp and get excited about quickly.”

Tresa Sharma
Field Marketing

“Working with the Sketch Effect was a fantastic experience.  Their team was instrumental in elevating the Sensus brand at our largest industry trade show—bringing us an incredible amount of visibility and helping to make the event a resounding success.  From start-to-finish, they were professional, organized and most importantly, creative. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to work with the Sketch Effect.”

Matt Besch
Marketing Communication Manager

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