5 Ways a Graphic Recorder Optimizes Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming can make all the difference in key projects, strategy direction, and company culture. To optimize your brainstorming session, you can hire a real-time, virtual live sketching illustrator to capture your ideas and turn them into a powerful visual tool. 

5 Benefits of Graphic Recording for Brainstorming Sessions

Visual from graphic recording about increasing audience engagement

Encouraging All Voices

Have you ever had a meeting where one or maybe two main voices drive the entire thing? It can be hard to get a word in edgewise with some people.

Using visual notes will help a lot with this problem. Not only will a graphic recorder help move on from solitary points (no one wants anyone to keep beating a dead horse), but they can help draw out some of the voices in the back that are at risk of being missed. 

We can also help you set your meeting strategy ahead of time to encourage more varied participation if you are concerned this will be an issue.

Increasing Participation

The exact opposite problem can happen too—how many meetings are largely crickets? Whether people are bored, distracted, or just feel stuck, it can be easy to have a brainstorming session turn out to be a dud-session.

Live sketching the session will really boost participation. People get excited when they see their ideas being sketched out in real-time and it’s hard not to want to join in on the fun.

Showing Progress

Sometimes employees (or even managers) just don’t want to be there—often because they feel like it is a waste of time. With real-time graphic recording, you will all be able to see exactly what is getting accomplished in a map-like illustration that highlights key takeaways. This makes it much easier to see the progress being made and can perk up those who might think they have better things to do…

Sparking New Thoughts

Brainstorming is easier with visual notetaking. Often, one idea will stem into a series of related—but different—ideas. Rather than go old school with a whiteboard and sloppy writing, you can make your brainstorm board professional, captivating and engaging with a live digital sketch artist.

Getting those ideas onto the screen and catching all of the thoughts as they are thrown out there will really help spark those deeper ideas that are waiting to surface.

Clearly Recording Ideas

Sometimes meetings can feel like a blur and you only have some scribbled down notes to help you remember some of the smaller ideas that might be great if they are fleshed out more. Relying on an employee to take notes is almost always going to lead to missed ideas or certain sections you can’t quite translate because it isn’t how you would have recorded it.

Live illustrations from the hand of a trained professional graphic notetaker will help capture those ideas into memorable notes. This powerful visual reminder will help you take advantage of the ideas brought up and keep inspiring your team to think along similar lines.

Graphic about live stream of graphic facilitation

Leaders in Graphic Recording & Live Sketching

Are you ready to have the best brainstorming session yet? Hire a live sketch artist for your next event! 

Connect with us to talk about all the details and how we can maximize your meetings with a live graphic recorder.

Still unsure about the power of graphic recording? Check out our definitive guide to live and virtual sketching here. If you don’t think it’s a fit, consider video animation to enhance your communication efforts and bring ideas to life.

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