3 Ways to Keep a Remote Team Engaged

Mar 13, 2020

If you’re like most of us, the development of COVID-19 is making you dramatically reconsider how and where you work. One solution that a lot of big teams are implementing is going totally remote.  

As more and more teams work from home and conduct business virtually, how can you most effectively keep people engaged? The good news is that The Sketch Effect has three fun, simple and effective ways to add value to the remote work experience. 

1. Live Streamed "Remote Notes"

Did you know our entire team of Live Artists are equipped with the digital tools and training to support remote team meetings? Any streamed content, virtual meeting, or webinar can be easily made more engaging and effective with live-streamed, stunning visual notes.

2. Visual Summaries of Pre-Recorded Content

If you’re planning to send out content to your remote teams, like video, audio or slide decks, why not enhance it with visual summaries? Adding visuals is a simple and effective way to ensure your messaging is as impactful as possible.

3. Animated Videos

Video is always a great way to engage remote audiences. At The Sketch Effect, we make internal videos your team will actually watch. And we make the process as easy as possible for our clients, handling literally everything required to make a video! That means we do the scripting, storyboard, voice-over, animation, music, sound effects and final editing (and include a client revision at every step).

A disrupted work environment doesn’t mean you have to disrupt how your team engages in content. When it comes to communication, visuals will bring clarity and alignment to your team regardless of location.

We’re in this together! Use simple Sketch Effect solutions to engage your team and you keep your communication understandable, engaging, and actionable. 

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