5 Reasons to Use Graphic Recording for Training Events

Are you familiar with the forgetting curve? If not, you will want to know these stats and theories about retention before your next training event or seminar.

Research shows that most participants forget about 70% of what they are taught within one day of training. Without an effort to retain information, the memory simply declines to close to 0% after several days or weeks. This understanding of human learning tendencies comes largely from Hermann Ebbinghaus during a study that ran from 1880-1885.

The recent statistics are pretty dismal too:

  • 75% of managers aren’t happy with their company’s Learning & Development process.
  • Only 12% of employees apply new skills from the average L&D training program.
  • Only 25% of employees believe a training measurably improved performance.

What does this have to do with graphic recording?

Well, we’re glad you asked.

Smiling girl completing online training course on laptop in a coffee shop

5 Benefits of Using Graphic Recording for Training Events

Graphic recording offers a unique opportunity to increase retention at your training course, day workshop, or seminar. Here are five ways live remote notes will help improve your training sessions.


People Remember Visuals

Real-time illustrations help people solidify the ideas with pictures to go along with the concepts. Visual thinkers do much better with strong imagery rather than just lecture.

Really, everyone does better when you use illustrations during training.

The brain processes images 60,000x faster than text.

Our minds are simply wired to connect with visual language differently than with spoken or written words. That is why the combination of imagery and words are so powerful when tied to your speaker’s presentation.

Real-Time Visual Notes Increase Engagement

It can be especially hard to pay attention if you are bored.

Visual artists help pique interest when working with groups and individuals. People watch to see what will come next and how the artist fits it all together. If the speaker does want participation, people are more likely to join in to see their ideas sketched out in real time. Any good speaker knows that getting the audience to participate or engage with the material is one way to improve retention.

Visual from graphic recording about increasing audience engagement

Virtual Live Sketching Clarifies the Big Picture

Ever get through a meeting and wonder what the real point was? Graphic recording helps take a large-scale conversation, break it into small segments and highlight the big picture. Sketch Effect artists get special training and go to recording workshops to learn the art of visibly mapping out live meetings while they unfold. You end up with visual notes that drive home the point.

Graphic Recording Creates a Step-by-Step Refresher Map

One look and you remember several key takeaways from the training. A visual map of recent training sessions can be great workplace décor—helping employees revisit the training concepts on a near-subconscious level.

graphic recording notes with icons representing different media formats to use the recording in

Training Sessions are Recorded for Reuse

You can easily create a training refresher course with your graphic recording. Just set the illustration up as a fast time-lapse and add a voice overlay pulling out big ideas to overview. You can also keep your full-length training video in your visual library for professional training of new hires during future onboarding.

Hire a graphic facilitation artist or graphic recorder for your next training session to improve information retention with visual language! Contact us now to see how live sketching would revamp your event.