How to Improve Webinars 101: Book a Live Sketch Artist

So, you are planning a webinar and need fresh ideas. You want to make a presentation about important topics, but you don’t want to put in too much effort if it won’t garner much attention. Webinars are a lot of work! Reap the benefits of a great virtual event with this helpful guide for improving webinars.

Tips for Planning a Great Webinar

You already know the basics of planning a webinar and use content marketing to promote it. You’ve considered webinar platforms, and maybe you’ve already done a live webinar. This time around, try implementing these online event planning tips to take your virtual seminar to the next level.

  • Set clear objectives and track top metrics
  • Create a landing page specific to your webinar registration for lead generation
  • Use your audience’s pain points to set your webinar topic and to draft a catchy title
  • Schedule your webinar during peak engagement times
  • Mix live and pre-recorded elements to offer smoother transitions
  • Build out a visual presentation for impact
  • Do a dry run to practice delivery, sound, visuals, and tech setups

Why Book a Sketch Artist for Your Webinar?

Visual note-taking is one way to really change the entire dynamic of your event. People get distracted when left with a single shot of a speaker. They tend to get bored easily if the visuals are basic slides. With all of the interesting content being pumped at us on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media channels, it’s really no wonder we find it hard to focus on virtual corporate events. 

Unless you make it easy, relevant, and interesting, people will most likely tune out (even if they’ve signed on to attend the webinar). Your event is always competing with another nearby device, kids, household chores, coworkers and so much more.

Most of your attendees will not feel any responsibility towards your event or brand. You need an attention-grabber.

Honestly, it’s hard to look away during a live sketch event. The sketch artist works quickly to pinpoint major themes in the presentation. Not only does the final product look incredible — it offers a visual manifestation of the conversation. A sketch artist will:

  • Capture Important Ideas
  • Keep Momentum Going
  • Allow Visualization of the Plan
  • Create Shareable Imagery
  • Captivate with Visual Development
  • Focus on the Core of Conversation

Take Your Webinar to the Next Level with The Sketch Effect

The Sketch Effect live artists will bring real-time visual note-taking that increases focus and communication. There are three ways you can utilize a sketch artist to make your webinar something special this year:

Live Sketching

For in person events, live sketching helps your audience synthesize the big ideas and also adds a fun, creative, and unique element to a live event.  

And the value doesn’t stop there:  display the physical sketches in a common area throughout the event, send them out as a one-of-a-kind post-event follow-up to attendees, or share them online to spread the ideas even further.

So, for your next in-person event, consider live sketching to drive higher engagement from the audience.  Stand out. 

Virtual Sketching

For an all-virtual event or webinar series, an artist can join the virtual setup to provide “Remote Notes.” As the host is speaking or presenting, the artist will be illustrating. You will have control over which screen is at the forefront and you will be sent a copy of the sketch soon after the event. 

Your target audience will instinctively want to pay attention to an event sketch artist as the concepts are drawn on the screen right in front of them in real-time. Not only does this increase audience engagement, but it helps with retention because of the visual learning factor.

Video Animation

The Sketch Effect’s “Animated Hand” Video service is an effective way to create illustrated videos that are custom-fit to your virtual event. Whether you are doing a webinar that is entirely pre-recorded or a hybrid with part live, the animation option allows you to preplan video segments. 

The visual graphics help support your recorded message and pull out the key points. Pairing these animated segments with a live speaker is a great way to get the best of both worlds on a smaller budget. These illustrated video segments can be versatile, making great additions to your social media or embedded in a blog post too!

Trying to plan a GREAT webinar? We have lots of ideas. If you are looking for some strong graphics to help cement your message with your audience, connect with us today!