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Communicate your message in an efficient and enjoyable way

Sketch Effect Video helps you refine your message to give it maximum impact, leaving your audience with a direct call to action to drive a specific result.  The video medium also gives you endless share-ability through YouTube, social media, your website, at an event, in a presentation, and much, much more. Don’t lose your audience with stale messaging — leverage Sketch Effect video to hook them and convert them!

At The Sketch Effect, we produce videos that help tell your story in an understandable, memorable and shareable way. All three of our animation styles, “Whiteboard”, “2-D” or “Motion Graphics”, all have the same goal: to communicate your idea efficiently, effectively and enjoyably with a broader aim of driving a desired result from your viewer.

Sketch Effect Video is a great fit for:

      • Internally-facing communication to a common audience
      • Externally-facing communication to promote or market a new business, event, product or service
      • Educational or instructional communication to help share the big idea behind a complicated message

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Sketch Effect Video Styles

Motion Graphics Animation

Whiteboard Animation

2-D Animation

Sketch Effect Video Testimonials

“The goal of effective communication is to convey something in a way that it is crystal-clear to your audience. The Sketch Effect has been our solution to accomplish this goal. Easy to work with and very professional– ADDO loves The Sketch Effect.”


Kevin Scott




“Our business is complex.  In looking for simple and shareable means to communicate our issues, we found The Sketch Effect.  The relationship started with several illustrated videos explaining the workings of power plants and the electric grid.  We have also advanced to using the team for Live Sketching at internal meetings and training sessions.  Their ability to simplify messaging into layman’s language and visuals has been astonishing to see and beneficial to our success. We value the partnership.

Ronny Just
Governmental Relations Manager
Southern Company

“We cannot thank The Sketch Effect enough! Our team was really pleased with the illustrated video and how well it communicated the vision for our project. The Sketch Effect team did a phenomenal job turning our long winded elevator speech into something people could grasp and get excited about quickly.”

Tresa Sharma
Field Marketing
Chick-fil-A, Inc.



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