Tips for Working With Atlanta Animation Companies

What to Consider When Working with Video Animation Companies in Atlanta

Simply put, video animation is a series of still images displayed at a specific frame rate, which can be increased or decreased for various aesthetic, creative, story-telling or technological considerations. Modern animation is a vibrant and complex medium, and it provides an excellent method to express complex ideas clearly.

If you’re an Atlanta business looking for help in creating animated videos for your organization, this article is for you. But first, a quick background on video animation and where The Sketch Effect stands among Atlanta animation companies. 

The Growing Popularity & Use Cases of Animated Videos

Animation has grown in popularity over the last few decades and is employed in many ways, using a wide variety of technologies, and showcased on a wide range of platforms. Chiefly used to entertain in the past, it is now being used to educate and inform and is becoming an increasingly common medium for communication – even among adults.

Traditionally used in films and television, it is now used in many different forms, including video and various digital platforms. Rapid advancements in telecommunications, social media, and various technology sectors have made the use of animation as a form of communication more accessible and affordable than ever.

Global Reach, Local Love

The Sketch Effect works with clients from all over the world to develop and deliver their messages on a global scale. While we’re grateful for the opportunity to bring our skills to bear on helping these clients get their ideas across, we’re still hometown folks at heart. 

We love the opportunity to work with local businesses. Helping clients in Atlanta present their vision to audiences here and all over the world gives us a special sense of accomplishment. We cherish the opportunity to collaborate with Atlantans whenever possible.

Still image of whiteboard animation completed for Atlanta Braves Opening Day

Best Among Peers

There are many options when looking for animators to work within Atlanta, thanks to the city’s unique history in the artform. This can be seen in the number of animation and video studios here, and anyone looking for animators has a fine array of choices. 

While we respect and support our peers, we feel we bring unique benefits and a clarified value proposition to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate and understand the needs and messages of each client. We strive to deliver their ideas, translated into the finest animation possible while retaining their unique voice.

Working with people and businesses to help them communicate more vibrantly is our driving passion, and though you would have your choice of animation professionals to work with here, we’re confident in saying we’re the best.

Tips for Working with an Atlanta Animation Company Like The Sketch Effect

Sketch animation of a lightbulb

One of the advantages of working with us is our expertise. Over time, we’ve developed a keen understanding of what it takes for people to work with animators most effectively.

Start by defining your purpose and what you wish to communicate. Who are you trying to reach? What do you want to get across to them? Where will you be showing this animation, and to whom will it be available? These factors can help you — and us — shape the final product.

Share your vision with us as completely as you can. The more we know about what you’re hoping to accomplish, the better we can help you realize it. On top of that, try to consider limiting factors. Do you have enough time for a long project to be undertaken? Will your budget dictate specific approaches or control your ability to distribute your message?

Bear in mind that we’re here to help, and be open to communication and idea-sharing. We’ll never try to change your message but may have ideas about the best way to get it across. Consider our relationship as one between collaborators — we’re on your team.

Lastly, and most importantly, understand the value of open, honest communication. We’ll ask for feedback at various points in the process, and the better you inform us, the better we can meet your needs.

Benefits of Working with Established Atlanta Animation Companies Vs. Upwork or Fiverr

Group shot of The Sketch Effect team of video animation and live sketching experts

These platforms specialize in presenting heavily discounted work, and many people use them to get work done for a fraction of the cost they’d incur if dedicated professionals undertook the same effort.

Unfortunately, a fraction of the price usually means a fraction of the quality.

What you save in money, you’ll lose in effective communication, level of professionalism, best possible effort, process, and overall excellence. We’re sure some good folks are working on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, but we’re also sure there are some folks who shouldn’t be taking anyone’s money. Your message deserves better.

Different Animation Styles

Animated sketch of a person drawing with a marker

We’re a group of well-rounded and experienced professionals and can bring our expertise to bear on a variety of different techniques.

  • Whiteboard & Explainer Videos: this category of animation uses elements of illustration and 2D graphics to communicate information which is often highly detailed and complex. Generally, this kind of work presents hand-drawn images that look like marker on a white background and can be one of the most common forms of animated communication.
  • 2D Animation: created with two-dimensional images, rapidly sequenced to create the illusion of lifelike motion. Most traditional animation is of this type and includes drawn and cel animation as well as computer-generated vector graphics.
  • Motion Graphics: put simply, this form of animation presents moving graphic design and focuses on bringing visual design elements to communication by adding movement.


Writing an effective animation script can be challenging. We know what it takes to translate an animated project from concept to final product. You can rely on us to produce animation scripts that take our experience into account when working with your unique message. Our team of professional writers will help translate your message into a powerful and punchy video script.

Serving the City of Atlanta, GA, and Businesses All Over the Country

Screenshot from hand drawn video animation of a city with text that reads "the world of tomorrow"

We’re grateful to be working in such a fine place and with such fine people. Though the citizens of Atlanta will always hold a special place in our hearts, our clients who aren’t lucky enough to be from here will have the benefit of working with people who are.

CTA graphic with screen shots of animated videos

We’re glad to serve both our local customers and those from far and wide, and look forward to helping each and every one of them communicate their message through the use of this wonderful art form. Schedule a consultation to discuss your animation needs — we would be delighted to speak with you.