Why More Businesses are Using Motion Graphics Animation

It’s clear that videos are extremely popular on the internet. In fact, data shows that video is the most preferred way for consumers to engage with content. No matter what styles of animation your business chooses to use, videos in general result in higher levels of website traffic, user engagement, lead generation, and clearer communication. This applies especially to motion graphics animation videos.

From external marketing to enhancing internal communications, businesses can leverage motion graphics videos for a wide variety of purposes to add depth to their story or message. Here’s how. 

What Is Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics are considered a type of video animation. However, the terms often get used interchangeably. The term “motion graphics” refers simply to graphics that move, while animation is used as an umbrella term to describe the entire field of moving artwork, illustration, and images. 

Motion graphic animation, or motion graphic design, will typically use digitally drawn, vector-based illustrations that are then animated. Motion graphic animations are generally cleaner and more professional-looking than other video styles and offer the ability to create fancier transitions, compelling movement, and animation features. 

Why More Businesses Are Choosing Motion Graphics Animation? 

Motion graphics are ideal for businesses who want to accentuate or highlight important information or convey a particular point. When there is no requirement for a character-driven storyline or narration, this is generally when motion graphics are utilized.

Complex products, services, and internal communication concepts can be broken down and presented in a compelling manner with motion graphic videos. Because motion graphics are primarily visual aids, they excel at illustrating difficult-to-understand themes. Often this is done by breaking down these themes into simple icons and visual elements to make the complex understandable.

Businesses today are using motion graphic videos to: 

Elevate Internal Communications to Increase Engagement

As remote work has exploded across the globe, business leaders are looking for tools that help promote effective internal communication. Video animation enables clearer communication while actively increasing user engagement. From educational resources to promoting business values, the use of video is helping businesses highlight critical messaging with visual support that resonates with audiences.  

Infographic about the science of visual communication

Market Products and Services to Consumers 

Sales staff have difficult jobs and buyers have more control now than ever before thanks to the power of the Internet. To make an impact on your target audience in ways that compel them to make a purchase decision, you need to use video marketing to enable your sales team. Motion design has a special power: it’s loved by people and is being consumed online at an unprecedented rate.

For these scenarios, we’ll start by asking two simple questions about your business. First, what kind of effective sales assets does your company already own? Second, where in the sales funnel do you tend to lose potential customers the most? Based on your answers we’ll design motion graphic assets that are designed to supplement your sales pipeline and fill in the communication gaps in your process. 

Train Employees Internally 

Internally, email can be quite useful. Reminders for events, brief updates, and meeting minutes can all be sent via email, generally without issue. 

However, some messages need more than an email to ensure your entire team is on the same page. Email messages tend to pile up in your employees’ inboxes, competing with dozens or even hundreds of other emails. If they are opened, team members may struggle to understand complex data. 

A great way to avoid this is by using video production and visual effects to drive information home. Because video production is fast, engaging, and easy to understand, it tends to stick out more than information presented in other manners. By using internal videos for training and communication, everyone on your team will hear the same message, helping your team leaders and employees stay on the same page.

Reach a Target Audience on Social Media 

Experts in social media advertising will tell you that generating results is both an art and a science. When it comes to the science aspect, all you need to do is listen to the data. Video content generates significantly higher engagement than other types of media. 

Creating video content in line with your marketing efforts is the best way to increase brand exposure on social platforms while driving increased website traffic and potential conversions. If you’re looking for ways to heighten your presence on social media platforms, video is the best tool to do so. 

Engage Website Users 

On websites that publish featured videos, it’s clear that animation explains at least part of why bounce rates are lower and users stay more engaged. Your organization can use motion graphics animation to create online videos that live on your website to introduce your brand to new users, deliver basic information about your products and/or services, and help users understand the mission and goals of your business. 

Studies show that websites with videos rank higher and have better SEO results than websites that have no featured videos. Explainer videos and other types of animation help keep users on your site, increasing the chances that they’ll convert. 

Get Help Creating Top-Quality, Affordable Motion Graphics Animation With The Sketch Effect 

Video production is available in a variety of styles. From 2D character animation to animated explainer videos, incorporating video in your communication efforts is a win-win for everyone involved. At The Sketch Effect, we can tailor motion graphics to fit the specific needs of your organization. 

Contact our animated graphic design experts today to learn more about how we can help you create motion graphic design videos that you can use for internal communication, product and service marketing, social media marketing, and more.