The Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos & Examples

The power of whiteboard animated videos comes from increasing viewer engagement and improved information retention. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that approximately 83% of human learning happens from visual information and 11% through hearing. A whiteboard video engages both the eyes and the ears. This engagement makes up 94% of the learning processes of an average person.

Other research studies find that there is up to 33% more user engagement when viewers watch and listen to whiteboard animation. Viewers say that they find the content more interesting. The retention of information increases up to 15% from a whiteboard animation presentation style. Moreover, viewers are 66% more likely to share a whiteboard animation with others.  Learn more from our guide on how to use video animation more effectively.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

We create a whiteboard animation presentation using footage of a real person sketching out the images on camera. Then we speed up the footage and edit it in a sophisticated way to keep the energy level exciting. We progress through the explainer video at a comfortable pace for the viewers’ enjoyment.

How to Use Whiteboard Animation

A classic whiteboard video is frequently the main feature on a webpage as part of the marketing campaign for a product or service. It can be a key element in the sales funnel marketing efforts. Web pages with incorporated whiteboard animation have a much better chance of engaging viewers and keeping them on the page without immediately clicking away.

Whiteboard animation can explain a concept, present product innovations, introduce new processes, describe new policies, and support change management in complex situations such as a corporate reorganization.

There are many other ways to use a whiteboard animation presentation, such as in-house training, employee onboarding, and explainer videos for various corporate messages, both internal and external.

Use Cases of Whiteboard Animated Video

Here are some winning examples of case studies where the campaign used a whiteboard animated video for a specific purpose.

Case Study One: Fanity Explainer Video

Fanity has a unique system that uses fan-created art to raise money for charities at festivals. The purpose of the Fanity effort is to increase charitable engagement through social media and corporate sponsorships.

The Fanity system goes into a tent at the festival site. There are charging stations, corporate-sponsored electrolyte pops as giveaways, bean bags, and art-creation stations with Fanity team members to help.

The Fanity explainer video describes the process that includes four team-guided steps, which are:

  • Team One enthusiastically encourages festival-goers to come into the Fanity tent to express their fandom through fan art.
  • Team Two explains the process and gets participants to sign a waiver that permits sharing their fan-created art with sponsors and social media.
  • Team Three helps fans create art inside the tent on an iPad or the SoundCloud music streaming service.
  • Team Four adds festival and corporate sponsorship information to the fan art and uploads it to social media. Throughout the festival, the fan art displays on four big-screen TVs outside the Fanity tent.

The purpose of the Fanity explainer video is to get festival event producers to partner with Fanity for their events.

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Case Study Two: Wayne Farms Explainer Video

Wayne Farms wanted an employee recruitment video that shows a compelling overview of the company’s operations, describes the job opportunities and encourages qualified applicants to join the company.

The explainer video starts by showing a multi-cultural group enjoying a prepared chicken meal at a barbeque. The overview of the company explains that the company manages the process from start to finish.

It begins with the ownership of the flocks, the feed mills, the processing plants, and the distribution channels. It ends with the delivery to the end-user, which may be a restaurant chain, institution, or store.

There are job opportunities in the prepared foods area and the fresh processing area. The company offers entry-level positions with no experience required.

This video succeeds through the cultural diversity of the characters shown in the video to encourage anyone to apply.

Case Study Three: Trip Nerd Explainer Video

Trip Nerd is a travel concierge company that handles all travel booking details, accommodations, and special needs for its clients and guests.

For example, Trip Nerd can book attendance at sporting events, major golf tournaments, horse racing events, Irish golf trips, concerts, hunting trips, and much more.

Trip Nerd takes care of all the planning and logistics so that you can have an enjoyable, worry-free trip.

This video is used as part of the company’s friendly marketing campaign to get people to visit their website or send an inquiry by email.

Case Study Four: Atlanta Braves MLB Opening Day

This video for the Atlanta Braves is a guide for those wanting to attend the opening day game. It shows how to obtain prepaid parking passes and how to find out when your designated parking lot is open because times vary.

It shows how to download the BallPark App that can hold your tickets, parking pass and help you navigate to your parking space. It shows how to get to the game by taking Uber and the drop-off and pick-up spots. It tells which area allows tailgating parties.

Next, the video shows the available restaurants and how to enter the stadium for the game at Sun Trust Park. It describes the water and food allowed into the stadium. Finally, it says when to take your seats for the pre-game show, twenty minutes before the first pitch.

This video aims to guide a ticket holder who is visiting the new stadium for the first time. It takes them from the parking lot to their seat. It helps reduce confusion about where to go and when to get there.

Why The Sketch Effect is the Best Partner for Animated Video Creation


We are one of the best animation companies creating whiteboard explainer presentations for video marketing.

Be aware that a cheap animation technique is used to create whiteboard animation style using rudimentary whiteboard animation software. We do not use this approach because it looks cheesy, awkward, and low quality. Consumers do not like lousy animation.

Viewers expect high production values in the things they watch, even if it is only a video on social media. Our exacting standards are to produce a high quality video production as your explainer video.  Check out some other things to consider when choosing a whiteboard animation company.

Please don’t take our word for it. We worked with major international brands and organizations, including the American Cancer Society, Coca Cola, Chick Fil A, Cigna, Cox Communications, Ernst & Young, GA Tech, General Electric, GMC, Marriot, Microsoft, and Vanderbilt University, to namedrop a few of our clients.

Get ready to be astounded by the results of your whiteboard video project.

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