3 Reasons to Consider Whiteboard Video Creation in 2022

The Emergence of Whiteboard Video Creation

Recently, one of the more popular video animation styles that businesses have been turning to is Whiteboard videos. Whiteboard animation videos are edited video clips of a human hand (presumably belonging to a talented artist) drawing or sketching visuals on a dry erase board in real-time. 

Typically, these videos are sped up via a time-lapse effect and are often augmented with additional color, movement of visuals, and other animation techniques. 

The resulting videos created can be used to explain things, convey ideas, or advertise products and services. Whiteboard animation video is inherently captivating because there’s a mesmerizing effect to watching an artist create real, authentic artwork before our very eyes.

Some examples of what companies will leverage Whiteboard videos for include:

  • Corporate videos for internal communication
  • Employee training videos
  • Brand-awareness videos
  • Educational explainer videos
  • Product or service demo videos
  • Marketing and sales videos
  • Videos for social media marketing

Why Whiteboard Videos are a Communication X-Factor in 2022

1. Modern Life Is Filled with Interruptions

Screenshot of whiteboard video animation depicting characters distracted by various text bubbles

Most people today would likely agree that we live in an era our ancestors could not possibly have imagined. 

The average person in today’s society is constantly bombarded with hundreds of digital interruptions of all types — text messages, emails, Tweets, Slack notifications, Facebook reactions, Instagram comments, Likes, Shares, alerts, YouTube ads… and the list goes on and on. 

And it’s not just limited to the digital world; in our daily lives, we’re also confronted with physical messaging and information sources like signs, handouts, newspapers, billboards, packages, snail mail, etc. that we must all take in and mentally process. 

Inevitably, as a result of all these, our attention spans have grown ever shorter and shorter.

High-quality whiteboard videos offer an engaging and effective solution for grabbing the attention of viewers and ensuring that critical information is conveyed and retained. 

2. People Are Busier Than Ever

As if the above weren’t enough, we’re also busier in our work lives than ever before. The average adult in today’s society is both overworked and overwhelmed professionally by tasks, projects, calls, meetings, work responsibilities, etc. 

Despite the fact that modern technology has created tremendous new efficiencies and productivity shortcuts, the time that’s been saved has in many cases been taken up by more work with no realization of actual time-saving. 

Hence, we’ve become busier — by far — than any generation before us. For the busy professional, online videos are a way to efficiently communicate to targeted audiences. When you consider engagement metrics when trying to reach an audience – video is the best tool to drive engagement and the numbers don’t lie.  

3. The Growth of Visual Communication

Infographic about the science of visual communication

As an outgrowth of all of this, one additional trend is that, increasingly, we’ve become a “visually dependent” population — we now learn and acquire a great deal of our data visually, and we also communicate visually — through digital images, videos, and animation.

As people have begun to communicate visually in their personal lives, businesses have also come to realize the value of visual communication. 

Studies show that visual content gets processed by the brain up to 60,000 times faster than content in written text form, and roughly 83% of learning is visual. Information in a visual format is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than non-visual information.

How The Sketch Effect Creates Whiteboard Videos

At The Sketch Effect, all of the Whiteboard videos that we create are “real” — meaning real artists actually draw the artwork, and everything is captured by cameras in our studios. 

Our approach and experience with whiteboard animation software results in one-of-a-kind videos that perfectly encapsulate your message with engaging visuals that captivate your audience. 

Why Work With The Sketch Effect Compared to Lower Quality Animation Makers

Group shot of The Sketch Effect team including whiteboard video and live sketch artists

In creating Whiteboard videos for your business, it’s critical to work with an organization you can trust. 

While many organizations turn to freelance animation companies or offshore outsourcing websites like Fiverr, the results can vary greatly, and contractors can turn out an end product that looks awkward, sterile, and/or low-quality. 

If these sources aren’t experienced, or they don’t have the technical skills required, it can cost you time and money and make you look bad with a resulting shoddy production.

In contrast, we offer Whiteboard video services that are priced appropriately for a perfect end product. Though our services are somewhat more expensive than a Freelancer or low-quality animation company, the end product is far more creative, unique and customized, leaving our customers with a video they are more than proud to share. 

The Sketch Effect has a dedicated team to review all of your ideas in detail and deliver you a price quote that aligns with your project needs and budget. The quote will include:

  • Brainstorming/Ideation
  • Scripting
  • Storyboards
  • Illustrations
  • Voiceovers (if needed)
  • Final editing of the video

The Sketch Effect can typically complete a Whiteboard explainer video project in six to eight weeks from start to finish, depending on the complexity, how fast feedback can be given during the editing process and whether or not a legal review of the finished product is required.

Get in touch with us today to speak with our Whiteboard video creation team to learn more about our services and how whiteboard video creation can help you expand your communication efforts in 2022.