Top 4 Benefits of Professional Whiteboard Animation Videos

Anyone who has ever tried to convey a substantial amount of information in a short amount of time knows how challenging it can be. That’s where professional whiteboard animation videos can make all the difference. 

Converting outdated forms of communication to visually appealing formats that garner attention, communicate with clarity, reach and resonate with an audience is a must for businesses in 2022. 

Professional whiteboard animation is an excellent way to capture your audience’s attention—and keep it—in a way that helps them understand, process, and remember key points and critical details long after the presentation is over.

What Are Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Everyone recognizes whiteboards, they are a standard in every meeting room, classroom, and secret laboratory worldwide. A whiteboard animation video uses that same familiar look. 

Whiteboard animation is a video style showcasing animated content that is typically hand-drawn on a whiteboard or other canvas in real-time. Sometimes software or editing is used to mimic this whiteboard drawing effect. Either way, the illustrations are straightforward and easy to understand, making it an ideal medium to explain complicated information in short amounts of time.

4 Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Videos

People like images—especially moving images—more than text.

We were designed to respond to visual cues. It’s part of our DNA and history as humans. In fact, some of the earliest records of human activity exists as visual records. Prehistoric humans, like modern humans, leverage visuals to communicate key points and essential ideas. It worked then and it works now—we’re still paying attention 45,000 years later! Here are four compelling benefits of whiteboard animation videos and why you should consider them. 

Efficient Messaging for Complex Topics

For complex messages, whiteboard animation services can facilitate clear, concise communication. A whiteboard animation artist can create a whiteboard animation combining words and images to convey even the most complicated of details.

Whiteboard video production first began precisely to communicate complex information, and it remains popular because it’s so effective. The simple graphics and key words make even intricate or highly technical information much easier to understand—and remember.

Increased Comprehension & Longer Retention

Viewers of whiteboard explainer videos understand the information presented better and remember it longer than people who just read the text or listen to the narration of the same information.

People process visual information faster and more thoroughly—in as little as one-tenth of a second, in fact. Many studies show how powerful imagery can be in teaching, and whether using in lesson plans or to document action items, it’s a great tool to make sure your key points get across—and stay there.

Maximize Shareability & Increase Brand Awareness

Savvy marketers have been using whiteboard animation videos for years. They’re an effective and engaging way to capture someone’s attention and spark their imagination. While an audience is being entertained, they also happen to pick up a few essential facts about the perfect solution they didn’t know they needed.

They’re a great way to get the features and benefits list across in a way that emphasizes brand value and identity. “But wait, there’s more!”, but less cheesy and salesy. A skilled video artist can create whiteboard animations that are more clickable, shareable, and “bookmarkable” than other kinds of advertisements or brand awareness efforts.

Clear Call-to-Action for Your Target Audience

Nothing says “contact us today!” like “contact us today!” sketched out in big bold red letters alongside compelling illustrations at the end of a quality video. Though we might suggest a more subtle approach, using whiteboard animation can be a surprisingly effective way to get that precious call-to-action across to someone long enough for them to engage with an offering.

It’s literally as if the important words at the end of a message were hanging in the air in front of a viewer’s face like the ghost of opportunities present. That might be a strange way to think of it, but it is pretty accurate—and effective.

Common Use Cases for Whiteboard Animations

People would rather watch a video than read a blog post, email, memo, or thousand-page historical biography. Moving imagery engages a part of our brain that nature has been perfecting for a lot longer than we’ve had the language to talk about it. 

Visuals are a better form of communication because it’s our natural, universal language, and our brains are better at visual learning than almost anything else (except maybe replaying that one verse of that one song you don’t even like that much, over and over—you know the one).

Internal Corporate Videos

“Corporate meeting” may have been voted the two most boring words in the English language by millions of weary office workers everywhere, but “awesome corporate meeting with an incredible whiteboard animation” never will be (and not just because it’s six more words than two).

Whiteboard animation can help present essential information to the people who need to get it the first time and remember it the second, third, and tenth time. Combining important concepts with images and text that “show and tell” is an effective, efficient, and entertaining way to communicate with hybrid and remote workers.

External Marketing and Sales

Every product has its selling points. Whether it’s a list of essential features and their benefits, a description of how fantastic, easy to use, and life-changing the product is, or just exuberant descriptions extolling the virtues of said product, words need to be expressed.

When there isn’t sufficient time or space to include even the most carefully crafted (but not bite-sized!) advertising copy, whiteboard animations are the perfect tool. Combining a handful of essential words with animated images and the excitement of a full-color moving video is a fantastic way to get the job done—and stand a chance of going viral on social media. Inform, inspire, intrigue—and convert—more powerfully and effectively with whiteboard animation videos.

Educational, Instructional, and Training

The very first whiteboard animation videos were about educational subjects. It’s easy to see why—they replicate the lecture hall whiteboard learning experience and the kind of notes and references dedicated (and artistic!) professors might make during a presentation.

Any tool adapted from another is usually better at the same job, and animated whiteboard videos are no exception. Whether used to communicate facts and figures, how-tos, to-dos, not-to-dos, or the exact sequence of buttons to press to get the copier not to spit out those two extra blank sheets of paper, whiteboard animations get the point across memorably and comprehensively.

Product Overviews

The most essential product overviews are simple lists detailing specific information. Capabilities, features, and technical information are all the kinds of facts one might expect from a run-of-the-mill review or advertisement. It’s a bit ho-hum, isn’t it?

Combine that same information with full-color, vibrant, moving text and images, and suddenly it’s a lot less like reading a list and a lot more like being entertained by a bright, bold (but still somehow subtle) sales pitch.

Change Management

Telling a team that Manager X will now be responsible for the duties of Manager Y while Manager Z will fill in as adjunct on non-consecutive, prime-numbered days is one thing. Being able to explain the same information while dynamic (and charismatic) colored arrows swoop around the central facts is another. It’s a powerful tool for detailing the ins, outs, and lateral shifts when an organization undergoes some restructuring.

Whiteboard Video Animation Services from The Sketch Effect

The whiteboard animation video creation process begins with an in-depth meeting with one of our talented digital artists at The Sketch Effect. Once the client’s communication goals have been understood and clearly defined, our team of video creators defines and plans the overall project, determines delivery dates, and gets to work.

While there is ample choice of whiteboard animation companies, they are a lot more common than high-quality videos of whiteboard animations. Creating whiteboard videos is much more involved than having the proper animation tools or video software.

Not all whiteboard animation service is created equal, and working with experienced and dedicated professionals is one of the keys to successfully meeting your objectives. We center our business practices around really listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and helping them reach their audience as effectively, memorably, and entertainingly as possible.

Schedule a consultation to discuss your whiteboard animation video needs with us today—we’re here to help.

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