Benefits of Visual Note-Taking for Meetings and Events

Does this event experience sound familiar? 

You were in the audience at an inspiring talk, or you were watching a fascinating presentation, and at that very moment, you believed you had a deep understanding of what the speaker was saying; you were able to digest a few or even many of the key concepts being explained.

But a week later, if anyone asked you about the precise details of that talk or presentation, your mind would draw a blank.

Perhaps you had enough foresight to have taken notes while you listened to or watched the speaker or presentation. 

But are you really going to dig these up again to refer back to them? 

And if you do, are you such an expert note taker (check out our guide to taking better notes here) that you’ll be able to piece together everything that was said — especially the most critical concepts and core ideas?

Infographic about the science of visual communication

Most Learning is Visual

Studies show that we are visual learners; 

  • 83% of learning is visual
  • Visual content is processed by the mind 60,000 times faster than written text.
  • And three days after a meeting or live talk, information that was presented visually AND verbally is retained at six times the rate of information that’s presented verbally alone.

But even if a presenter uses amazing slides or other visual materials, unless you’re able to get a copy of the presentation deck or can take pictures of the related visuals, you can only resort to making crude copies of them using what little time and artistic talent you possess; the sheer amount of information will likely be overwhelming.

visual note taking artist creating graphic recording deliverable at in-person event

A New Solution: Graphic Recording for Meetings & Events

Now, there’s a new solution for visual note-taking that’s changing the game for conferences, meetings, classes, courses, training sessions, and all other meeting and event types — both in-person and virtual.

The solution is known as Graphic Recording and no one does it better than The Sketch Effect.

How it works is very simple. 

Our sketch artist(s) meets with your organization prior to your event to discuss the agenda, align on key messaging, and review the subject matter at a high level. Our team manages all necessary travel arrangements for the artist(s), so no matter where the event takes place, you’ve got a reliable, in-person resource to help enhance audience engagement. 

After the initial discovery meeting, a talented artist from The Sketch Effect travels to the event, sets up a large canvas in the room, and hand-draws a visual record of what’s being discussed or presented in real-time. Whether it’s a live team meeting, formal presentation, training session, or other event type, the sketches will help document the big ideas in an exciting visual way. 

Step by step, using cartoon-like figures and icons, visual diagrams (sometimes known as mind-mapping), and expressive type, the artist will summarize the presentation visually and create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork — a visual map — that can be examined and shared amongst both event attendees and non-attendees alike when the event is over.

Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled "Unicorn or Octopus?" created for EIQ

The Benefits of Graphic Recording

Imagine keynote or breakout sessions at a trade show or conference. Or, picture a sales presentation given to a large audience. 

Nearly any type of event or gathering that incorporates speakers and/or presentations is an ideal fit for Graphic Recording.

Graphic recording helps captivate audiences as the artist creates a unique live illustration that’s specific to what’s being presented. Watching someone create real art is a mesmerizing process, and many people will admit they’re fascinated and “can’t look away” as it’s happening. 

Moreover, as the live drawing is rendered, key concepts and ideas are being made understandable and are absorbed readily into the minds of your audience; people remember what they see.

Best of all, when the presentation or event is over, the artwork created will be put into digital form and can be distributed to audiences or lists of your choosing. That includes being shared via email, apps, social media, and other distribution channels. Speaking of social media, studies have shown that notes and information that are visual are 40 times more likely to be shared than materials that are non-visual. 

As a bonus, any whiteboard art our artists create becomes the property of the company or organization that hired us.

Digital graphic recorder sketching on a tablet during a virtual meeting

Graphic Recording Benefits Virtual Events & Meetings Too

Now, you might be thinking, “all of that sounds great for real-world, physical, in-person happenings, but what about virtual events?” 

Especially in today’s world — which is still actively dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic — virtual conferences, online meetings, training sessions and all kinds of other events are taking place in the digital world, via software like Zoom, Google Meet, and other apps.

The Sketch Effect offers Virtual Graphic Recording solutions as a form of visual note-taking for these types of events too. 

In these cases, the aforementioned sketch artist will log into the meeting or presentation just like any other participant, and the artistic creation process will be viewable just as it would be in real life. Rather than a large visible canvas that is viewable by a physical audience, our artists use iPads and Apple Pencils to digitally create illustrations that align with the discussion. 

Again, when the meeting or event or other presentation is over, digital copies of the artwork that’s been created can be distributed to all of the participants, and as a bonus, the actual original art becomes property of the organization that hired The Sketch Effect.

Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled "Virtual Event Trends: Increasing Audience Engagement"

Visual Note-Taking & More from The Sketch Effect

For creating a memorable record of a conference, meeting, class, course, brainstorm session, or other events, look no further than graphic recording. 

Our artists help create an environment that helps share ideas and make subject matter and discussions more lively, fun, and memorable. Get in touch with The Sketch Effect today, and see if Graphic Recording can work for visual note-taking at your next in-person or virtual event.