Enhance Conferences with Visual Notes & Live Sketch Artists

Have you attended a conference or trade show and listened to an array of speakers while furiously taking notes only to think days later that you don’t really remember the key points of what was said? Or that you didn’t get much out of what was presented?

Or perhaps you didn’t take notes at all, and simply waited to receive the typical post-event follow-up (slide-decks, video or audio recordings, official memos, emails)…never to look at it again?

Let’s be honest: When you think about specific notes you took or relisten to audio recordings of speakers and presentations provided to you by the event organizers, did you actually go back and revisit them — ever? 

If we’re being honest, the answer is probably not. 

Enter Graphic Recording and The Power of Visual Notes 

Imagine if, instead of just notes or audio as a record of what was shared by speakers, you had colorful, fun artwork — and that, even better, you watched that artwork being created in real-time as presenters spoke.

A live sketch artist can turn boring, lengthy, or difficult-to-explain ideas and topics into fun, entertaining, mind mapping artwork — the result is a huge hit that stimulates the brain, engages the audience, and enhances communication.

Once the speech or presentation is over, the sketches that have been created can be displayed in common areas of the conference, so they can be examined and re-examined by attendees — making them incredibly valuable to the audience and even those who missed the original presentation.

And as a follow-up, after the meeting or event is over, the same artwork can be shared online and emailed to guestlists to spread the ideas and concepts further, to an even greater audience.

Infographic about the science of visual communication

Why Visual Notes Are Better

Studies show that visual content is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text, and at least 83% of learning is visual. Moreover, a study showed that three days after a meeting or live event, information that was presented visually AND verbally gets retained six times as much as information presented verbally alone.

Conferences are great for in-person sharing of big ideas and large amounts of information. But the fact of the matter is that, in most cases, very little of that information is retained. With graphic recording services, audiences can be engaged, and messaging can be aligned.

From a marketing perspective, there’s a tremendous amount of value; the artwork not only communicates desired messages, but when everyone gets a copy, it becomes a memorable keepsake unto itself — a “gift” that keeps on giving. It also helps get people excited about the next event, driving future ticket sales, registrations, and attendance.

In truth, visual notes are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than non-visual ones.

Collage of graphic recordings

What The Sketch Effect Provides

The Sketch Effect delivers live illustrations through graphic recording for conferences (including both general and breakout sessions), corporate meetings, retreats, offsite gatherings, virtual events, trade shows, exhibitor booths, brainstorming, journey mapping, and other similar workshops. 

Think of visual note-takers, but better.

Before an event, our sketch artists meet with your organization to discuss your goals and agendas, and critical messaging to provide a visual boost. Our team manages the step-by-step logistics of the graphic recording service, including travel and lodging for the artist, supply sourcing, delivery, and more.

At the event, the artist will arrive early, review the presentation agenda and key concept(s) with the event organizers, and set up a large canvas (either on stage, off stage, or in the back of the room) for live drawing. During the event, the artist will actively listen to the speaker or speakers and sketch out the content in real-time.

The only things needed are ample floor space for the artist, good lighting, and clear audio of the speaker(s).

Completed sketches can be displayed and referenced as soon as they’re completed. 

At the end of the event, your organization gets to keep the original physical sketches (if done traditionally on foam core or paper rolls), while the artist will take digital photos of each event sketch and transmit them to The Sketch Effect in-house team where editors will clean them up for pixel-perfect sharing online.

Within two business days after the live sketching, your organization will receive the graphic recording images that can be posted, emailed, and shared online with audiences of your choice.

Man taking a picture of a graphic recording sketch at an event with caption "I will actually read this"

With Visual Notes, Everyone Wins

With graphic recording, speakers feel that their presentations are “brought to life”; they typically feel additional validation because they can see a visual record of what they said. 

Attendees see the artwork as a “bonus” memento of the event that will help to both explain and reinforce the information that was presented. And your organization accomplishes its goals of communication, dissemination, and sharing ideas in an effective, attractive, fun medium.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss the goals of your next event and learn more about how graphic recording is transforming events and conferences of all types.