Whiteboard Explainer Videos: Why Businesses Should Be Using Animation

The Rise of Whiteboard Explainer Videos for Business Use Cases

Businesses today are finding new and creative ways to use whiteboard explainer videos as a communication tool for their business practices. From its use in marketing promotion and sales videos to product launches, there are many reasons to consider adding whiteboard explainer videos to your business strategies.

Below, explore some of the most popular use cases for whiteboard animation and learn about its benefits.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation showcases hand-drawn animated content on a whiteboard in real-time, combined with a voice-over that helps support viewers through the video sequences. By using graphics and keywords to break down big ideas, information is presented in a way that is easy to remember and understand, especially for visual learners. Even the most complex topics can be effectively communicated through animated videos.

The Science Behind Visual Communication

Infographic about the science of visual communication

Did you know that 65% of learners in the U.S. believe they are “visual learners”? Visual learners prefer to use images, graphics, colors, and visual aids to learn about new topics or ideas. For visual learners, remembering information from large pieces of text can be difficult. By using whiteboard explainer videos to appeal to visual learners, your audience is more likely to retain the information you present. 

In a study performed by Insivia, researchers concluded that an average of 95% retention rate was found by info presented in video form, as opposed to just 10% from text form. Not only does visual communication help enhance engagement and retention, but it’s often preferred by audiences. 

In a study by HubSpot, 72% of customers reported they would prefer to learn about products or services in video form. Knowing this science behind visual communication, it’s easy to see why many companies are beginning to take advantage of animated video as a powerful tool.

Why Explainer Videos Are An Ideal Communication Tool for Businesses

Animated video is an ideal communication tool for every type of business. First and foremost, animated video is easily consumable. A simple video can go a long way in breaking down complex ideas into easily digestible animations. Based on the science of visual learning, as mentioned above, whiteboard video creation is ideal for helping your audience retain important information.

Explainer videos are also an ideal communication tool for creating consolidated and concise digital content. Using a whiteboard explainer allows you to drive home the most important big ideas and key concepts of your material, thus improving the effectiveness of your efforts. 

Use-Cases for Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Screenshot of a video animation clip

Not sure how exactly whiteboard explainer videos can be used in business settings? Below are some of the most common ways to use animation for your business.

Product Explainer/Overviews

If you need to explain a product or service effectively, whiteboard explainer videos can help. This applies to both internal and external audiences. Video animation can be used to provide product overviews and explain detailed features of a product or service.

Company Overviews/Internal Training/Welcome Videos

Looking for a way to make corporate training or welcome videos more exciting? Animated explainer videos can help you convert the information in a way that’s understandable and accessible. Staff is more likely to pay attention and retain important information when presented in a fun, visual way, such as on an animated whiteboard. Animation can be used in any type of training, from how to use of new software or equipment to teaching soft skills.

Marketing Promotion & Sales

Using a whiteboard animation service is a great way to level up your business and your marketing efforts. Research shows that many buyers make purchasing decisions based on emotion. With this in mind, your business can utilize whiteboard animation companies like The Sketch Effect to create a video animation that taps into audience emotion. Not to mention, videos are easily shareable on social media, helping further your digital marketing efforts.

Product Launches

Rolling out a new product or updates to an existing product? Use a custom whiteboard explainer video to make it easy! Video animation can help you create a simple and quick video to explain your new product, why it matters, and why your audience should care about it.

While these are four of the most popular use cases for whiteboard explainer videos, these are only the beginning. Within each of these categories, there are more specific use cases for explainer videos. Businesses in every industry are finding new and creative use cases to use animated explainers to help advance their business goals.

Popular Industries Leveraging Explainer Videos

Screenshot from whiteboard explainer video created for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

While there are opportunities to use whiteboard explainer videos in nearly every industry, check out some of the most popular industries leveraging explainer videos below.


Healthcare concepts can often be complex and challenging to understand, thanks to lots of scientific terms and medication jargon. That’s why whiteboard explainer videos can be especially helpful for businesses in the healthcare industry. Healthcare video animation services can be used for medical staff training, branding and marketing, educating patients, patient orientations, and so much more.


The insurance industry is another popular industry that is utilizing animated video services to help support its business and marketing efforts. Animated video services for insurance companies can be used for many purposes, from explaining detailed insurance coverage and benefits to internal administrative training. Insurance explainers are great for breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand pieces.


Software companies require unique marketing strategies to effectively capture their audience and demonstrate complex products. As such, whiteboard video creation can be quite effective for SaaS businesses that seek to simplify technical concepts and engage their audience. Some ways SaaS companies use whiteboard explainer videos include product rollouts and launches, user interface overviews, and for educational and training materials.

General Business

Businesses in nearly any industry can benefit from using a whiteboard animation service.

Whiteboard video production can be used for internally-facing corporate communication, explainers and overviews, product launches, rollouts, and so much more. Animated whiteboards are ideal for businesses looking to try something new and enhance the effectiveness of their content creation.

The Sketch Effect Process for Creating Explainer Videos

Screenshot of whiteboard explainer video depicting a small boat sailing to shore


The Sketch Effect process for whiteboard animation service begins with a brainstorming session. This kickoff meeting gives us time to discuss your vision for your custom whiteboard explainer video and learn more about your goals, branding, color palette, and other key details. During the brainstorming meeting, we’ll also agree upon an ideal timeline for whiteboard video creation.

Scriptwriting/Voice Over

The next step in our whiteboard video animation service involves writing a script for your video. Our professional writers will draft a script based on the reference materials you provide. The script will then be sent over to you for review.


After you’ve approved your video script, we work to create unique storyboards for your video. The storyboard serves to give an idea of where we’re headed for your whiteboard video, including flow, direction, and use of visual concepts. The storyboard is then given to you for review.


Following the storyboard creation, our expert team begins the core of our animation services: the illustrations. The illustrations provided are the ones that will be used in your whiteboard animation video.

Final Edit

The final step in the whiteboard video production process is editing! The video is sent to our production team, who will put the final touches on the video and ensure that the final product matches your brand’s messaging and style. 

After that, the process is complete! You’ll soon receive a digital copy of your custom whiteboard explainer video. (we know you’ll want to share it on social media!)

Work With The Sketch Effect

CTA graphic with screen shots of animated videos

Ready to dive into the first steps of our whiteboard animation service? Experience the effectiveness and creativity of whiteboard explainer videos for yourself. Schedule a consultation to discuss your video project needs.