Guide to Meeting Summary Art for Virtual & In-Person Events

As an event organizer or corporate event planner, you likely spend a great deal of time considering ways to enhance your event. In a society with so many entertainment options, creating a memorable event means thinking outside of the box. 

At The Sketch Effect, we have just the solution! Our professional meeting summary art, also known as graphic recording, is one way we help our clients synthesize the big ideas of their presentation by adding a fun, creative visual element.

Want to learn more about meeting art and how it could help you enhance your in-person event? Keep reading to learn about hiring a visual artist for meetings. The team at The Sketch Effect makes it easy to hire a meeting visual artist that will make your live or in-person event memorable and effective.

What Is Meeting Summary Art? 

Meeting summary art, also known as graphic recording, live sketching, and visual note-taking, involves a skilled sketch artist sketching out the ideas of your presentation in real-time. 

For live and in-person events, hiring a meeting visual artist can help your audience stay engaged throughout the presentation and add a level of excitement to your event. 

From discussions to panels to classic presentations, a meeting summary artist can help you enhance the overall experience for your audience.

Process of Creating Meeting Summary Art

Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled Climb Higher Grow Stronger

First, the graphic recording artist will begin by leveraging active listening. This involves superior listening skills and quick thinking as the sketch artist processes the information and content of your presentation in real-time. They will then begin identifying the big ideas of your content and quickly brainstorm ways to visually depict your content in an exciting graphic.

The meeting visual artists now translate what they’ve heard into graphics on paper. This synthesis step involves considering the content and quickly narrowing down the information to highlight key points and critical ideas. As they listen to your content, the meeting summary artist will take “visual notes” to help them in the next step of the process.

Lastly, it’s time for your meeting summary artist to begin the sketching process. After taking visual notes, the meeting art process creates a live illustration of your ideas. Using engaging visuals and fun color and design elements, your audience can watch the process unfold in real-time. 

To creatively capture meeting notes and critical action items, meeting summary art is a great choice. Plus, it’s a perfect fit for nearly all types of in-person or virtual events, such as:

  • Trade Shows
  • Corporate Events
  • Conferences or Summits
  • Live Product Demos
  • Trainings
  • Workshops

Sketch Artists for In-Person Meetings

Graphic recording artist sketching a presentation

When you hire The Sketch Effect’s sketch artists for in-person meetings, you’ll connect with your assigned Operations Coordinator before the event to discuss your goals, agenda, format, and other important details. 

In addition, our Operations team will coordinate all of the logistics necessary to ensure your artist has everything they need to do a stellar job at your in-person meeting (arranging supplies, delivery, transportation, etc.).

Before the event begins, your artist will arrive early to prepare the drawing space, prep their materials, and get organized. 

Sketch Artists for Virtual Meetings 

Digital graphic recorder sketching on a tablet during a virtual meeting

While virtual meetings became especially popular during the COVID-19 era, it looks like they’re here to stay! Our visual sketch artists can perform meeting art during virtual meetings, such as Zoom conference calls

The process begins with a preliminary discovery call (virtual), where we learn more about your meeting and agenda. During this call, we’ll perform an AV test to ensure compatibility for meeting summary art on your preferred virtual meeting platform.

Once your virtual meeting begins, the graphic recording process begins. Depending on your preferences (discussed in advance of your virtual meeting), your artists can screen-share their live illustrations for some or the entire duration of your virtual meeting.

Benefits of Meeting Summary Art

Infographic about the science of visual communication

Improve Audience Engagement 

Meeting art is a powerful visual learning tool to help support your presentations. Using pictures and images to depict ideas can help enhance your audience’s understanding of your content. As such, your audience will remain more engaged throughout the presentation.

More Memorable Presentation

Presenting the same information time and time again can be tiring, both for you and your audience. Meeting summary art is one way to create a more memorable presentation by depicting information in an exciting, innovative way. Not only will you leave your audience with something memorable, but they’ll also be more apt to return for the next presentation.

Saves You Time

Planning an in-person or virtual event can be stressful. Instead of spending time racking your brain for an engaging visual idea for your presentation, let The Sketch Effect help! Using a visual artist for meetings helps save you time worrying about graphics and gives you more time to focus on the content and delivery of your presentation. 

Need Something Similar but not Planning an Event?

Do you love the concept of hiring a meeting summary artist but don’t have an event you’re planning? You can still take advantage of The Sketch Effect’s stunning visual presentation elements.

Summary Board Sketches

 If you’ve recently held an event, consider a summary board sketch. A summary board sketch is similar to a graphic recording, but it can be produced at any time and doesn’t rely on active listening in a live event setting. This process involves our skilled visual artists taking the most critical points of your message (as provided by you) and creating a stunning visual to share with your audience.

Animated Time Lapse with Narrations 

A narrated-time lapse is another option to help you bring your ideas to life through video time lapses. Offering a new twist on traditional video animation, time-lapse videos combine visual and auditory elements, such as voice-over narration. Narrated time lapses are great for recaps of virtual meetings or events, social media or product marketing services, workshops, meeting minutes, and so much more.

Feeling intrigued by the many ways The Sketch Effect can bring your ideas to life? Let’s discuss your project needs and goals. 

Contact us today, and a member of our team will reach out to you promptly. We look forward to helping you make your presentations engaging, memorable, and unique.