5 Ways Businesses Can Use Animated Explainer Video Production

When you want to deliver a powerful message in just a few minutes, you need an explainer video. These short video pieces explain complicated topics to employees, potential customers, or partners, often using animation. 

Explainer videos tackle tough material while remaining entertaining to your audience. The world is full of people who will get more out of a well-done, two-minute explainer video than they would from an hour of dry verbal or text-only explanation. The key is creating top-quality video content using the methods that suit your mission and your message.

What is An Explainer Video?

Explainer videos are short pieces, often between two and five minutes or so, that break down complex topics into easily digestible visual narratives. These videos are often animated, which makes them more entertaining and captures the audience’s attention. 

Benefits of Explainer Videos 

Animated explainer videos offer you extraordinary value. You’ll enjoy multiple benefits, including the following:

Enhanced Audience Attention

Getting people to read blogs is difficult, and getting them to finish reading is even more challenging. (Kudos to us if you made it this far!) 

Research shows that the human attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today. People have little patience and are used to getting their information in short, bite-sized chunks. To be effective, you need to reach them quickly with information they can easily digest with minimal time or energy investment.

An explainer video company will help you create attention-grabbing content, increasing your conversion rates and improving your bottom line.

Better SEO Results

Companies live and die by the success of their SEO efforts. You need to rank high on Google and other search engines to appeal to consumers. A well-optimized video can increase your chances of making the first page of Google results by as much as 53 times. This figure proves the worth of an explainer video and demonstrates that this blog would be more effective in animated form! 

Cost Effective Marketing

Animated explainer videos are incredibly cost-effective. They require much less of a financial investment than traditional, long-form videos while making a real impact on your audience. In-house creative teams can produce stellar videos that fit nicely into your marketing budget. 

Edge Over Competitors

Despite the proven value of visuals in advertising, not all companies regularly incorporate them. They prefer to stick with the same approach they’ve had for years – even decades: Lots of text and maybe some talking head videos. Of course, the marketing audience has evolved. The YouTube generation gets a lot of information from videos, and companies that recognize this trend and capitalize on it will stand above their competitors who do not. Text and talk are no longer enough. 

Most Popular Video Animation Styles

Video animation offers you creativity and versatility. You are not stuck with just one form but may choose from several animation styles for your explainer video production. These include:

Whiteboard Animation

screenshot of custom whiteboard explainer video

Whiteboard animation is an instantly recognizable favorite for many. In this video type, a human hand seemingly draws the images in real-time. The immediacy of this method and the artists’ skill fascinate the audience and keep them riveted to the video. This animation type may include physical objects and stop-motion. 

2D Animation

Screenshot from a 2d animated video that depicts a businessman standing in front of a bank

Most age groups immediately recognize 2D animation and associate it with classic cartoons. These animations sequence together 2-D illustrations full of vibrant color, dynamic characters, and intriguing visuals. Your audience will not be able to look away. 

Motion Graphics

screenshot of motion graphics video featuring animated characters

Using shape-based vector illustrations, motion graphics animation is dynamic and cutting-edge. Digital animation programs produce powerful original graphics, illustrations, transformations and transitions. These videos are ideal for more formal presentations to clients who appreciate technology and clean-cut sophistication.

5 Business Use Cases for Animated Explainer Video Production

The idea of explainer videos may intrigue you, but you may wonder when your company would actually use one. The potential for this animated form is nearly endless, but below are some of its more popular uses.


Rollouts for new products or services are vital to your company’s success, but they need to catch on quickly, or your company can suffer financial losses. You must connect to your audience quickly and clearly while detailing your offerings’ benefits. Animated explainer videos are terrific alone or in concert with written ads to create interest in your latest products. Your audience will more likely understand the benefits of these items.  

Internal Company Policies

Employees are usually not excited by changes to corporate policy, but they need to absorb this information to do their jobs well. An explainer video is an excellent way to reach them. In just a few minutes, you can explain the changes in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way, ensuring faster and more enthusiastic compliance. 

Sales Promotions

Many companies depend on successful sales events to remain profitable. A clever video is one of the best ways to promote sales to your clientele. Consumers frequently overlook print ads or tune out traditional commercials… they’ve been there and seen that. But everyone loves a well-designed, creative explainer video, so your sales details will stick with them.

Educational/Training Videos

Research shows that people retain visuals much better than they do text or spoken lectures. Visual images are stored in long-term memory, which means the average person retains video data for up to 42% longer than other information types. An animated training video is a superior way to educate employees and the public, improving your work processes and saving money.  

Management Changes

Management changes often cause uncertainty among employees who worry about the effect on their jobs. What happens if the CEO and COO leave at the same time? Animated explainer video production clearly communicates the changes in a non-threatening and entertaining way, letting your employees know what to expect. 

Work with an Industry-Leading Animated Explainer Video Production Agency

Screenshot of a video animation clip

An explainer video production company such as The Sketch Effect can improve your marketing efforts and other communication with clients and employees. Our talented artists use animation to explain complicated concepts in a memorable and fun way quickly. Our videos stand out from endless online advertising and long-winded oral presentations. Colorful, dynamic animation cuts through the noise to deliver meaningful insights. 

Still wondering about the medium? Consumers retain our videos better and longer than other marketing types. So when you invest in animated videos, you ensure that your message stays with your target audience firmly entrenched in their long-term memory. And to make things even better, our services are affordable, entertaining, and work.  

CTA graphic with screen shots of animated videos

Isn’t it time you tried the power of animated explainer videos? Reach out to us today. 

Interested in video animation but need a faster solution? Our timelapse animation voiceovers offer the same benefits as animated videos without intensive production.