How to Use Digital Graphic Recording in Online Events

These days, many more of us are working remotely than ever before. Even as some offices reopen for on-site work, the way we conduct business has changed significantly, and likely permanently, in response to the developments of the past several years. 

As we turn increasingly toward virtual event formats and online meetings for communication and exchanging ideas, we need to find new tools to make the most of these changes and create a more engaging experience for the hearts and minds we’re trying to reach.

One of the most exciting tools we can call on to meet these challenges makes virtual meetings more compelling and fascinating for virtual participants than even the in-person events of the pre-COVID world. 

Digital graphic recording gives you the dynamism of live-streamed visual facilitation with all the charm and allure of hand-drawn visual notes emphasizing and illuminating your ideas in real-time.

What Is Digital Graphic Recording?

Digital graphic recorder sketching on a tablet during a virtual meeting

Digital graphic recording is the process of a graphic recorder (a specially trained sketch artist,) creating visual notes or graphic summaries to accompany and support a presentation or other content. This kind of graphic facilitation is done through a combination of hand-drawn images, icons, text and color that aids your audience in understanding and retaining the information you’re sharing with them.

Digital graphic recording for online events allows you to connect with your audience and other event participants in vibrant and exciting new ways from anywhere in the world. 

It’s an exhilarating service that can bring a spark to your next online event with the added benefit of creating a one-of-a-kind memorialization of your presentation as it plays out in real-time. 

Perfect for sharing with event participants or with a larger audience through social media or email lists post-event, graphic recordings are the best way to convert important messaging into visually appealing, engaging, and shareable deliverables.  

Why Online Events Benefit from Virtual Graphic Recording Services

Infographic about the science of visual communication

We’re visual creatures, and we process graphic information much differently than we do the written or spoken word. Key ideas communicated in the digital graphic medium will not only be more engaging, they will be understood more quickly and thoroughly and be remembered longer and in more detail than the same material would be if just delivered in a traditional speech.

Moving, evolving illustration is an exciting way to communicate with event participants. Digital graphic recording creates excitement and commands attention in a fun and friendly manner, enticing your chosen audience to pay closer attention and enjoy the time you share with them in holistic and natural ways. 

Digital graphic recording allows you to engage and inspire virtual audiences and is a powerful tool to spur their imagination.

Use Cases for Digital Graphic Recording

Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect about Remote Visual Notes

Conference Calls

Even an otherwise routine video conferencing call can be invaluably enhanced with the inclusion of digital graphic recording services. Remote meetings can present obstacles in keeping the attention of event participants, as they may be distracted by elements in their local workspace and become disengaged with the information you’re offering.

With moving, live illustration, audience attention is encouraged, not demanded, and people find themselves naturally and willingly drawn in. As they see your ideas unfolding before them while you’re expressing them, they become organically involved and interested and will want to see what happens next!

Team-building and Morale Boosting Events

Holiday parties, employee “Happy Hours,” or Ice Cream Social events are almost impossible to recreate virtually. These kinds of non-rigid social events are essential for employee morale, team-building, and the communication and creation of core company cultural values.

Through a clever combination of content and graphic presentation, you can virtually host team and community-building events that have a lively and inclusive feel. A skilled graphic recorder can work with you to develop material for even casual and informal online events that will give a more festive and more celebratory feel to the proceedings and make participants glad they attended.


Industry expos are about nothing if not entertaining and informing for current or potential customers, but as many of these events struggle with ways to function in a remote-working world, including a digital graphic recording is an excellent way to attract attention, boost interest, and drive engagement and conversion in an open, communicative, and honest manner. Show, don’t just tell, your customers what you can do for them.

Community Outreach and Fundraising Events

Communicate your organization’s mission, values, origin story, or anything you wish to bring to a larger audience, by creating visual excitement and inspiring interest in dynamic and engaging ways that invite conversation and interaction. The visual medium is powerful by itself, but when combined with motion and used to illuminate key ideas, it can be incredibly compelling.

Our Process for Online Graphic Recording Events

We’re here to enhance and support your presentation first and foremost, and that process starts with communication. A Graphic Recorder will connect with you before your event and discuss your plans, your communication goals, and how a digital graphic recording can help you reach your audience more effectively.

After carefully reviewing your material and agenda, your artist will strategize ways to integrate real-time virtual graphic content with your presentation and on the streaming platform you’re most comfortable with. Evolving and unfolding visual stories will underscore, summarize, and delineate your ideas in lively and engaging ways throughout your event.

Add Digital Graphic Recording to Your Next Online Event


CTA Graphic with images of virtual graphic recordings

Capturing and holding an audience’s attention has always posed a challenge of one degree or another, but with online and virtual events, layers of complexity bring new risks and opportunities to meaningful engagement.

Digital graphic recording can help make your online event not just fun but memorable and inspiring. Harness the power of live illustration and schedule a consultation to discuss your virtual event needs and how graphic recording can help you better realize your communication goals.