Key Elements of Animated Videos for Businesses

Video presentations are becoming the top way to communicate with employees, customers, event attendees, and more — especially in today’s increasingly remote world. Video content is consumed at a higher rate and more consistently than any other type of content online today.

This has two major implications. First, your small business or corporate team needs to get in on the video content game if you haven’t already. Second, you’re going to be up against a lot of other companies (or internal teams) already using whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and video animation to create professional content and compete for attention.

What to Consider When Creating Animated Videos for Businesses

With so much corporate video competition, it’s important that your marketing and communication video content stands out. Here is what you should consider when trying to create animated videos for businesses that improves internal and external communication, helps you achieve your goals, and ultimately drives your bottom line.

Infographic about the science of visual communication

Animated Video Content for Businesses Should Be:

Easy to Understand

Your marketing and communication video presentations can be a lot of things. But, the most important thing to consider is whether or not your content is easy to understand. Your target audience shouldn’t have to struggle to comprehend the concepts you present. Instead, they should be able to logically flow from one topic to the next and remain engaged with the presentation from start to finish. Clarity is king when it comes to video communication.


Corporate video content should also be professional and do a good job of representing your business in a positive light. Poor-quality videos are much less likely to be watched or shared on social media and other channels. They also reflect negatively on your team or brand. Professional animated videos should have quality graphics and visuals, have a clear beginning, middle, and end, be well-thought-out and be custom-created with your target audience in mind.


Cloud-based video presentations are easier to store, access, and share on social media than traditionally stored video content. Professional animated videos stored in the cloud take up less space on your internal network while still offering full accessibility and control over your content.

You Should Include Different Video Animation Styles Like:

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation has become increasingly popular due to its mesmerizing and engaging style. Whiteboard animations depict film footage of a real artist sketching out illustrations on camera. The footage is then sped up and supplemented with animations and special effects that create a really cool and unique final product. 

Watching an artist draw in real-time creates a feeling of authenticity with users because it’s actually real*. This connection helps engage users and has positioned whiteboard videos as a staple in popular video animation styles.

*Note: Some video companies will use software to “fake” the look of a whiteboard video, which results in a sterile, unimpressive final product. We do not recommend this approach. 

3D Animation

If you want to take your corporate video motion graphics to the next level, 3D animation can make your content highly engaging for your target audience. 3D video animation offers nearly unlimited flexibility by taking 2D graphics and adding depth, motion, and color to generate captivating videos that elevate your messaging.

3D video animation is especially great for product demos and even products that haven’t been released on the market yet. By leveraging interactive styling, 3D animation allows you to customize exactly how you want to showcase your product and walk users through a specific journey. Additionally, it eliminates production costs associated with live-action videos like props, on-screen talent, equipment rentals, sets, and production time. 

Although the Sketch Effect currently does not offer 3D animation, it is always a good option to consider — especially for videos of a more technical nature.

2D Animation

2D animation has made an incredible comeback and is an increasingly popular animation style. This illustration type leverages hand-drawn animations using digital programs like Adobe Photoshop.  The illustrations are then sequenced to a level of realistic movement in a two-dimensional space. Historically, this animation style was achieved by sequencing hand-drawn animations frame-by-frame. Now, 2D animation software expedites the process and allows for limitless creative freedom, easier production, and a sharp final product.

TV shows, video games, websites, social media, you name it – 2D animation is everywhere and for good reason. This style is ideal for storytelling, product highlights, internal training, explainer videos, and visual case studies. 

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a kind of short-form video presentation that, well, explains! It can highlight services, products, or specific messaging in a captivating and engaging manner, with the primary goal being to demonstrate complex ideas in a simple and easy-to-understand format. Explainer videos can be used to increase brand awareness and generate leads or as a way to communicate complicated messaging internally. 

If you need help synthesizing explanations for wide-ranging subjects, explainer videos are the best way to optimize your messaging. 

Create Animated Videos For Businesses with The Sketch Effect

The Sketch Effect is dedicated to a worthwhile global mission. Utilize outstanding visual communication services and animated video production to transform complex ideas into understandable and actionable content.

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Popular Use Cases for Animated Videos for Businesses 

There are multiple applications for easy to understand explainer videos, animated video marketing content, and professional animated video presentations, such as:

  • Internal company communications, e.g. engaging and interactive training videos for employees
  • External consumer communications, e.g. sales and marketing efforts on your website, YouTube, and other social media sites
  • Product Demos for new and unreleased products
  • Interactive instructional, training, and educational materials
  • Combating Zoom fatigue in virtual conferences and events
  • Virtual and in-person event presentations
  • Visual case studies

The Sketch Effect helps your company to streamline your message into video content format for maximum effect. We help provide your target audience with clear information and calls to action to drive engagement, inspire action, and generate leads. Our corporate video production is entirely unique, and our team never cuts corners or uses generic stock photography.

Additional Visual Communication Services We Offer

If video animation isn’t the right tool for you, we recommend considering in-person and virtual graphic recording. Graphic recording is when a live sketch artist (aka Graphic Recorder) captures big ideas in an event setting, drawing them out in an easy-to-digest, visually appealing format. 

Graphic Recording created by The Sketch Effect titled "Remote Visual Notes"

Whether you are looking to increase audience engagement or want to add visual appeal to meetings and events, graphic recording makes your ideas understandable and actionable like never before.  

Ready to bring your big ideas to life? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create animated videos that make an impact.