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Bring Sketch Effect Live to your West Coast meeting or event!
With Sketch Effect Live, our amazing Los Angeles-based Live Artist, Jai Ollennu, attends your Southern California conference, event, or meeting and sketches in the room in real-time. Whether through large format, onsite “Graphic Recording,” digital format, offsite “RemoteNotes”, or Interactive murals that engage your attendees, Jai will visualize your ideas in the moment and produce an artifact that endures long after.
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Jai Ollennu

Jai is The Sketch Effect’s resident Live Artist in Los Angeles, helping serve clients in California and other parts of the western United States. Jai brings a diverse set of skills to the table, including design, coding, illustration, animation, graffiti art, Capoeira, and more. Besides producing stellar Graphic Recordings for Sketch Effect clients, he might just be the most likeable human on the planet.
“We are an exhibitor at a trade show each year and are always looking for creative ways to engage with our booth guests. A team member attended another conference and saw the work of The Sketch Effect team and was “wowed” by their work so we invited them to be a part of our booth experience. When guests stopped by the booth, we asked them two or three key industry questions. Jai, our artist, would sketch their answers as they came in. This attracted many people to the booth and it was a great way to follow up with our visitors. They have been with us for several years. If you’re looking for someone to make your events memorable and also provide a valuable tool for meetings and conferences, The Sketch Effect will not disappoint!”

Diane Kidawa

Some of Jai’s Work

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