The Best Company Event Ideas for In-Person & Virtual Events

Events stand as powerful pillars for connection, learning, and brand representation. 

Whether it’s the vibrancy of in-person interactions or the versatility of virtual gatherings, the secret to memorable events often lies in their nuanced details and the emotional connections they foster. 

As we discover ideas for company events, let’s uncover the essence that truly makes an event stand out.

The Value of Engaging Events in the Business World

Smiling businesswoman drinking champagne while talking to colleague in rooftop success party

With so many ways for companies to interact and promote themselves, why put effort into organizing events? 

The answer lies in the tangible and intangible benefits these gatherings offer.

Building Connections

  • Deepening Bonds: Events are more than just scheduled gatherings. They’re platforms where colleagues can foster deeper personal and professional relationships. When people engage in shared experiences, it often leads to stronger team cohesion.
  • Facilitating Communication: In a relaxed event setting, barriers come down. Team members can communicate openly, share ideas, and address issues in a non-threatening environment.
  • Boosting Morale: A well-organized event can make employees feel valued. It can serve as a break from the usual routine, rejuvenating them for the tasks ahead.

Enhancing Brand Image

  • Showcasing Company Culture: Events can be a window into a company’s soul. The way they’re organized, the activities chosen, and the themes highlighted can show outsiders what the company values.
  • Impressing Stakeholders: Well-executed events can leave a lasting impression on clients, partners, and potential recruits. It signals professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail.
  • Creating Memories: A standout event, be it a product launch or an annual get-together, can become the talk of the industry. When people remember an event, they remember the brand behind it.

At their core, events are about human connection and brand portrayal. 

They have the power to shape perceptions and forge bonds that can benefit a business in countless ways. 

Memorable events can set a company apart in a world where impressions matter.

In-Person Company Event Ideas

Face-to-face gatherings hold a certain magic – candid laughter, spontaneous conversations, and a sense of collective belonging. To make the most of such gatherings, here’s 50 memorable in-person company event ideas for employees.

Team Building and Bonding

teambuilding game - happy colleagues playing game with sacks and having fun in the modern office

Active Adventures:

  • Team Obstacle Race: Challenges to navigate together, fostering teamwork.
  • Group Zip-Lining: An exhilarating experience to overcome fears and build trust.
  • Company Mini-Olympics: A day of friendly competition in various sports.
  • Soccer Match: Teams face off in a game promoting health and team spirit.
  • Rock Climbing Sessions: A chance to scale walls, symbolizing overcoming challenges together.
  • Treasure Hunts: Solve clues together to find the “treasure”.

Culinary Experiences:

  • Cook-Offs: Teams showcase their culinary skills.
  • Wine Tasting: An evening of refined palettes and discovery.
  • Chocolate-Making Workshops: Dive into the delightful world of crafting chocolates.
  • Brewery Tours: Explore the intricate world of brewing while bonding.
  • Potluck Lunch/Dinner: Employees bring a dish, sharing their culture and stories.

Creative Outlets:

  • Art Workshops: Spaces to express and discover hidden talents.
  • DIY Crafting: Creating mementos or décor items, igniting creativity.
  • Photography Expeditions: Capture the world and see it through different lenses.
  • Jewelry-Making Classes: Craft intricate pieces while chitchatting.
  • Dance Lessons: Lose inhibitions and bond over rhythms and beats.

Networking and Growth

Business networking event with banquet lunch spread

Knowledge Sharing:

  • Expert Talk Sessions: Industry leaders share insights and experiences.
  • Specialized Workshops: Dive deep into relevant subjects or skills.
  • Panel Discussions: Multiple experts debate and discuss pressing topics.
  • Q&A Sessions: A chance to get direct answers from leaders.
  • Book Club: Focus on industry literature, followed by rich discussions.

Exposure Opportunities:

  • Trade Shows: Showcase your company’s prowess and discover industry innovations.
  • Company Expos: Host an event spotlighting your departments and their achievements.
  • Charity Auctions: Mix networking with a good cause.
  • Open Office: Invite clients or partners to see your workspace and meet the team.
  • Networking Breakfasts: Start the day with new connections and fresh ideas.

Brainstorming Sessions:

  • Idea Pitch Sessions: Empower employees to present their innovative concepts.
  • Round Table Debates: Encourage open discussions on pertinent subjects.
  • Group Problem-Solving: Collaboratively address company challenges.
  • Innovation Sprints: Designate time to brainstorm and develop new ideas.
  • “Unconference” Sessions: Where attendees dictate the topics and flow.

Celebrating Together

Recognition Events:

  • Awards Gala: An evening to honor the standout performers.
  • Certificate Events: Acknowledge training and special achievements.
  • Employee Spotlights: Monthly or quarterly events to highlight individual contributions.
  • Talent Showcases: Unearth hidden talents from singing to stand-up comedy.


  • Anniversary Celebrations: Toast to milestones and shared memories.
  • Memory Evenings: Share stories, pictures, and cherished moments.
  • Alumni Meets: Reconnect with past team members, reliving old times.

Forward-Looking Events:

  • Product Launches: Excite the team about upcoming products or services.
  • Vision Seminars: Chart out the future direction of the company

In-person events foster genuine connections, unforgettable memories, and team unity. Drawing from these diverse ideas can elevate any gathering, ensuring impactful and memorable moments for everyone involved.

Virtual Company Event Ideas

Virtual events have swiftly taken center stage. Their flexibility, inclusivity, and safety make them appealing. 

Check out these ideas that can make virtual events just as much fun as in person. 

Team Building and Bonding

Colorful sketch with large light bulb symbolizing brainstorming session

Online Challenges:

  • Virtual Escape Rooms: Digital puzzle-solving adventures, challenging participants to collaboratively find their way out.
  • Digital Scavenger Hunts: Seek virtual clues scattered across the internet.
  • Creative Contests: Photography, drawing, or even poetry challenges.
  • Virtual Reality Team Adventures: Using VR sets for joint expeditions.
  • Online Puzzle Challenges: Collaborative problem-solving games.

Knowledge Testing:

  • Trivia Nights: Online quizzes testing knowledge on various topics, promoting friendly competition.
  • Quiz-ups: Subject-specific quizzes for learning and fun.
  • Guess the Song: A musical challenge to test memory and taste.
  • Flash Debates: Quick debates on random topics for critical thinking.
  • Story Chains: One starts a story, and others add to it in turns.

Collaborative Play:

  • Online Multiplayer Games: Interactive digital games where participants engage and compete in real-time.
  • Karaoke Sessions: Belt out favorite tunes together.
  • Virtual Magic Shows: Engage a magician for a shared mystical experience.
  • Joint Cooking Class: Everyone follows a recipe in real time.
  • Digital Dance-offs: Virtual dance competitions where participants showcase moves and challenge others.

Networking and Growth 

Cartoon animation of a virtual workshop attendee joining from home.

  • Webinars: Online seminars or presentations, offering information and expertise on specific topics.
  • Interactive Workshops: Real-time skill-building activities.
  • Panel Discussions: Multiple experts discuss a chosen topic.
  • Online Industry Conferences: Network and learn in a virtual conference environments.
  • Digital Mentorship Programs: Connect experts with newer team members.
  • Online Product Showcases: Virtual platforms displaying new products, highlighting features and demonstrations.
  • Peer Sharing Sessions: Discuss experiences, challenges, and learnings.
  • Virtual Coffee Breaks: Scheduled online sessions for casual chats and relaxation, mimicking office coffee breaks.

Just for Fun

  • Virtual Talent Shows: Online events where participants perform and showcase their unique skills to a digital audience.
  • Open Mic Nights: Share poems, stories, or jokes.
  • Virtual Art Exhibits: Display artwork and discuss them.
  • Online Fashion Shows: Employees showcase their unique styles.
  • Digital Book Clubs: Online gatherings discussing chosen books, fostering literary conversations and insights.

Relaxation & Engagement

  • Guided Virtual Meditation Sessions: Online guided relaxation and mindfulness exercises for mental well-being.
  • Online Yoga Classes: Digital sessions teaching yoga postures and practices for physical and mental balance.
  • Shared Streaming Nights: Use platforms like Teleparty.
  • Virtual Travel Tours: Explore a new place together via a guided video tour.
  • Digital DIY Craft Workshops: Online tutorials guiding participants in creating unique craft projects.

Celebrating Together

  • Virtual Award Ceremonies: Events recognizing and celebrating individual or team achievements and milestones.
  • Milestone Webcasts: Celebrate company or project successes.
  • Employee of the Month Live Features
  • Recognition Spotlights: Short segments honoring individual or team achievements.
  • Digital Farewell Parties: Virtual gatherings to honor and bid goodbye to departing members, celebrating their contributions.
  • Virtual Theme Parties: Celebrations centered around specific themes, with attendees dressing up or participating accordingly.
  • Online Concerts: Live-streamed music performances, bringing artists and audiences together virtually.
  • Digital Game Nights: Board games, charades, and more.
  • Virtual Cooking Parties: Everyone prepares a dish and then dines “together.”
  • Holiday Celebrations: Special events for festive occasions like Christmas or Halloween.

Virtual Gatherings

  • Silent Disco Nights: The DJ streams live music, providing one of the most engaging company event entertainment ideas; attendees dance at home with headphones, choosing between channels.
  • VR Team Expeditions: Use VR platforms for shared adventures like simulated rainforest treks or spacewalks.
  • Interactive Murder Mysteries: Participants role-play, interact, and solve a virtual murder mystery together.
  • Digital Escape Challenges: Navigate virtual labyrinths or decipher riddles using online tools.
  • Virtual Hobby Circles: Rotating sessions on different hobbies like origami, wine appreciation, or virtual bird-watching tours.

When done right, virtual events can be as engaging, personal, and memorable as in-person ones. With these 50 ideas, your online gatherings can transcend the ordinary, fostering connection, growth, and joy among attendees.

Enhancing Events with Engaging Visuals

visual note taking artist creating graphic recording deliverable at in-person event

Our world is saturated with content, it’s the visually stimulating moments that often leave a lasting imprint. 

The age-old saying, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” holds undeniable truth. 

But how can visuals elevate the experience of a team-building event?

In Person & Virtual Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording Sketch titled "What Do You Love About Working at SmartRent?"

Graphic recordings are visual journals of events, capturing key moments artistically. 

They resonate with attendees, providing a memorable recap that’s perfect for revisiting and sharing, enhancing both recall and emotional connection.


  • Enhanced Engagement: Captivating visuals holds the audience’s attention better, making sessions more interactive and engaging.
  • Simplified Complexity: Complex ideas and discussions are distilled into clear, easy-to-understand visuals, aiding comprehension.
  • Memory Retention: The brain processes and remembers visual information more effectively, ensuring key points from the event stick.
  • Shareability: Their visual nature makes graphic recordings perfect for social media or promotional content, broadening the event’s impact.
  • Emotional Connection: Through art and visuals, attendees can form a deeper emotional connection to the content, making it more impactful and memorable.

How Does it Work?

Graphic Recording is a creative process that transforms spoken words and ideas into visual art in real time. Here’s how it works. 

For In-Person Events

  • Pre-Event Consultation: Before your event, we connect with you to understand your goals, event format, audience, branding, and logistics. We also introduce you to your Graphic Recording artist(s).
  • Logistics Support: Our dedicated Operations team takes care of all logistical aspects. This includes arranging supplies, booking transportation and lodging for the artist, and ensuring they are fully equipped and prepared.
  • On-Site Preparation: On the event day, the Graphic Recording artist arrives early. They set up their workspace, get organized, and prep the canvas with logos, event branding, session titles, and other visuals to create a polished visual backdrop.
  • Live Sketching: As the event unfolds, the artist actively listens to discussions, synthesizes key points, and transforms them into captivating visual representations. These illustrations provide a real-time, engaging recap of the event’s content.
  • Deliverables: After the event, you receive physical sketches that can be displayed on-site to captivate your audience. Additionally, you get digitized versions of the artwork for sharing or using in post-event communication. These deliverables enhance the event’s value and inspire action among your audience.

In-person graphic recording adds an exciting visual dimension to your events, making information more accessible and memorable, fostering engagement, and leaving a lasting impact on your audience.

For Virtual Events

  • Pre-Event Setup: Before your virtual event, the Graphic Recorder and event organizers discuss goals and preferences. They also test the technology to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Live Artistic Interpretation: During the event, the Graphic Recorder joins as a participant. As discussions unfold, they actively listen and translate key ideas, messages, and themes into visual illustrations.
  • Digital Canvas: The artist works on a digital canvas, using colors, icons, and text to create a dynamic visual summary of the event.
  • Optional Screen Sharing: Depending on your preference, the artist can share their work in real-time, enhancing engagement and understanding for all participants.
  • Post-Event Shareability: You receive digital copies of the visual recordings after the event. These can be shared on social media, used for follow-up communication, or repurposed for various purposes.

Our process transforms virtual events into engaging visual masterpieces that captivate audiences, reinforce messaging, and extend the reach and impact of an event long after it’s over.

Are you interested in enhancing your company event with the power of Graphic Recording? 

Contact The Sketch Effect today and discover how we can turn your com ideas into captivating visuals. Let’s make your event unforgettable!