20 Company Lunch and Learn Ideas Topics That Foster Meaningful Engagement

Virtual Lunch and Learn sessions have carved a niche, blossoming into a popular and highly effective tool for professional development. 

This informal yet focused lunch break setting fosters an atmosphere ripe for learning, sharing, and collaboration.

Quick Tips for an Effective Remote Lunch and Learn Events

If you’re hosting a virtual event, here are some quick tips for creating engaging, educational, and memorable experiences that your attendees will look forward to and remember fondly.

Be Respectful of Work Calendars

  • Schedule sessions to fit within the lunch hour to respect attendees’ time.
  • Ensure content is concise and engaging to maintain focus and interest.

Choose Relevant & Interesting Topics

  • Virtual lunch and learn topics should be relevant to the audience’s interests and professional development needs.
  • Consider timely and relevant themes that align with organizational goals.

Manage Food Expectations for Remote Teams

  • For special sessions, consider delivering lunch to remote employees through a service provider
  • Clearly communicate if the event does not include a meal to set the right expectations.

Boost Engagement & Retention with Graphic Recording

  • Consider hiring graphic recording artists to capture key points and ideas visually.

As we pivot into the heart of our guide, we’re revealing a treasure trove of Virtual Lunch and Learn themes. 

Each is crafted to ignite curiosity, foster engagement, and propel learning.

The Best Virtual Lunch and Learn Ideas for Company-Sponsored Events

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Now, on to the main event! 

Check out these ideas, topics, and tips, and make sure to incorporate them into your lunch and learn program.  

1. Productivity Hacks

These days, efficiency is king. Productivity hacking sessions could be the catalyst employees need to optimize their work and personal lives. These could range from introducing tech tools and apps that streamline tasks to effective time management and planning strategies. 

Each session could provide practical, actionable tips and encourage sharing personal productivity success stories. 

The psychological aspects of productivity, including motivation, focus, and wellness, could also be explored, offering a holistic approach to enhanced efficiency.

2. Book Clubs

Stack of books and cup of coffee.

Book clubs provide a unique opportunity for employees to engage in stimulating discussions and share perspectives. Each session could focus on a pre-selected book, with themes rotating to cater to diverse interests and genres. 

In special editions of the club, authors could be invited to offer insights into their writing process and themes, allowing attendees to engage in enlightening conversations/

The book clubs could also serve as platforms for participants to share personal interpretations and insights, fostering a rich learning environment.

3. Financial Literacy

Financial literacy sessions empower employees with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions. These could cover various topics, including investment strategies, budget management, and understanding credit. 

  • Investment workshops could offer insights into building diverse portfolios, risk management, and exploring various investment avenues. 
  • Budget management sessions could provide practical tools, strategies, and personal success stories to inspire effective financial planning. 
  • Credit and loan workshops could educate employees on managing and improving credit health and navigating the complexities of loans and financing.

4. Themed Discussion Groups

Themed discussion groups are platforms for in-depth exploration of specific topics. These could range from industry trends and innovations to skill-building and problem-solving. 

Each session could focus on a curated topic, with experts or moderators facilitating engaging conversations. Breakout sessions could allow for more personalized discussions, and the sharing of insights and actionable strategies could be encouraged. 

These groups could serve as think tanks, fostering innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning.

5. Celebrity and Expert Q&A Panels

These panels could feature renowned professionals, celebrities, or experts sharing their insights and experiences.  

  • Industry leaders could discuss current challenges, emerging trends, and future predictions, offering attendees a macro view of the landscape. 
  • Celebrity panels could discuss personal journeys, challenges, and triumphs related to industry or business use cases. 
  • Specialized expert panels could focus on topics like AI, sustainability, or other relevant fields.

6. Cultural Exchange

These sessions could immerse employees in the rich tapestry of global cultures, offering insights and experiences that transcend geographical boundaries. 

Sessions could also explore global cuisines, traditions, and festivals through virtual tours, guest speakers, and employees from various countries. 

The role of language in culture and business could be another focus. Provide resources and tools for learning and communicating in different languages. Each session aims to foster global awareness, sensitivity, and appreciation, enriching the organizational culture.

7. Health and Wellness

Health and wellness sessions can be both enlightening and revitalizing. 

  • Offering workshops on nutrition educates employees on balanced diet and healthy eating habits, promoting overall well-being. 
  • Mental health seminars can provide invaluable insights into anxiety and stress management, especially crucial in remote working setups. 
  • Incorporating live fitness classes, such as yoga or aerobics, encourages physical health and adds fun and energy to the learning experience.

8. Career Development 

Hand with white board marker drawing career development concepts

These sessions can focus on the professional skills and knowledge essential for career advancement. Workshops might cover topics like resume building, effective networking, or navigating career transitions, offering employees actionable career progression strategies. 

Panels featuring career development experts sharing their career journeys, insights, and advice can be educational and inspirational. Interactive activities like role-playing or mock interviews can make learning engaging and practical.

9. Leadership Development

The leadership development series could involve workshops focusing on core leadership skills like strategic thinking, decision-making, and effective communication. 

Interactive activities like role plays or simulations can make the learning experience more engaging. Guest sessions by internal leaders sharing their leadership journeys, challenges, and insights can provide practical learning and inspire emerging leaders.

10.Team Building Activities

Virtual team-building activities aim to foster collaboration and strengthen relationships among remote employees and teams. These could include interactive online games, virtual escape rooms, or collaborative projects encouraging problem-solving and creativity. 

Creative sessions where team members can share their hobbies or talents foster connections and enhance team cohesion. These enjoyable activities contribute to improved communication, collaboration, and morale among team members.

The emphasis on corporate social responsibility is more prominent every day. 

Provide updates on the company’s ongoing CSR projects, offering insights into the impact and progress of the initiatives. Employees can also be encouraged to share their personal experiences and contributions. 

Opportunities for volunteering or involvement in upcoming projects can be discussed, fostering a sense of community and purpose among team members. Workshops on developing sustainable practices individually and collectively can be both educational and impactful.

11. Social Responsibility Initiatives

Group of smiling volunteers in matching tshirts looking at camera.

The emphasis on corporate social responsibility is more prominent every day. 

Provide updates on the company’s ongoing CSR projects, offering insights into the impact and progress of the initiatives. Employees can also be encouraged to share their personal experiences and contributions. 

Opportunities for volunteering or involvement in upcoming projects can be discussed, fostering a sense of community and purpose among team members. Workshops on developing sustainable practices individually and collectively can be both educational and impactful.

12. Virtual Escape Rooms & Games

Virtual escape rooms and games can be an exciting addition to Lunch and Learn sessions. These interactive experiences promote teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving in a fun and engaging environment. 

Tailoring game themes to align with organizational goals or learning objectives can enhance the educational value. These sessions serve dual purposes – learning and entertainment, making them popular among employees.

13. Entertainment

Entertainment-themed sessions can provide a refreshing break and boost morale. Sessions can range from virtual concerts and performances to interactive art classes or culinary workshops. 

These offer relaxation and an opportunity to explore and appreciate various art forms and cultures. Including interactive elements like Q&A sessions or participatory activities can make these sessions engaging and memorable.

14. Diversity and Inclusion Discussions

Together colorful quote illustration with diverse faces in transparent color design.

Diversity and inclusion discussions can address the significance of a diverse workplace and steps towards fostering inclusivity. Experts can be invited to share insights on overcoming biases and promote inclusive practices. 

Sharing real-life experiences and stories can enrich the conversation, while workshops and interactive training sessions can provide practical tools and strategies for fostering an inclusive work environment.

15. 401k & Retirement Planning

These sessions aim to empower employees with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions for their financial future.

Sessions can bring in the plans’s advisors to offer insights on maximizing 401k benefits, investment strategies, and planning for retirement. 

Interactive workshops can provide scenarios for financial planning, and Q&A sessions allow employees to seek personalized advice. 

16. Business Health Updates

Open communication about the business’s health instills confidence and trust among employees. Regular company performance updates, upcoming projects, and future outlook can be discussed. 

These sessions promote transparency and allow employees to ask questions and share feedback. It encourages a sense of unity and engagement among employees, knowing the impact of their contributions to the organization’s goals.

17. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Introducing ERGs can be instrumental in fostering diversity and inclusion. Sessions can spotlight various ERGs, their objectives, and accomplishments. Testimonials from members can provide insights into the benefits of joining. 

These sessions can encourage participation, providing networking opportunities and fostering a sense of community and support among diverse groups of employees.

18. Sustainability Initiatives

human hand holding green environmental tree ESG icon Society and Governance sustainable environmental concept of the world

Sessions on sustainability can focus on the company’s green initiatives, achievements, and future plans. Employees can be educated on the importance of sustainability and the role they can play in enhancing eco-friendly practices. 

Interactive workshops can explore innovative ideas for promoting sustainability in the workplace, and employees can be encouraged to share their suggestions and insights.

19. Product & Service Launch Previews

Offering previews of new products or services excites and engages employees. These sessions can include demonstrations highlighting features and benefits. Employees can participate in Q&A sessions, offering feedback and suggestions, fostering a sense of involvement in the company’s offerings. 

This informs and generates anticipation and alignment among employees ahead of public launches.

20. Policy & Procedure Refreshers

Keeping employees updated on policies and procedures is essential for compliance and efficiency. These sessions can explain any changes or updates, provide scenarios to ensure understanding and facilitate interactive discussions to address queries. 

Such refresher sessions ensure employees are informed, aligned, and confident in adhering to organizational policies.

How to Make Your Next Lunch and Learn More Impactful

Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect about Remote Visual Notes

Hosting a Lunch and Learn that stands out and leaves a lasting impression hinges on innovation, engagement, and memorable experiences. 

Graphic Recording offers the best way to meet the challenge.

What is it?

Graphic recording is the real-time translation of content into visual narratives, enhancing the retention of important information.

How Does it Work?

Digital graphic recorder sketching on a tablet during a virtual meeting

During virtual events, a graphic recorder listens and converts key spoken elements into engaging illustrations, symbols, and texts in live time. 

The visual representation makes complex concepts accessible and memorable, combating digital fatigue by holding attendees’ attention and facilitating deeper understanding. 

Graphic recording enriches virtual engagement, turning passive listening into an interactive visual experience that resonates long after the event concludes.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team to learn more about adding a graphic recoding artist to your next lunch and learn or virtual event.