10 Reasons to Work with an Explainer Video Company

In an age where digital content is king, the ways businesses communicate and promote their products or services have evolved dramatically. One of the most impactful developments has been the rise of explainer videos. 

This post will explore why these videos are becoming essential in marketing strategies and why you should consider partnering with a professional explainer video production company.

So, what exactly does an explainer video production company do? 

In simple terms, it specializes in creating engaging and impactful videos that clarify complex ideas, products, or services. 

Whether it’s a high-quality animated video or an immersive live-action one, the aim is to make information digestible and engaging for viewers.

What are the Most Popular Types of Explainer Videos?

Screenshot from an animated explainer video

Animated Explainer Videos: These are the most common type of explainer videos, primarily due to their versatility. They can range from simple whiteboard animations (where the content is drawn on-screen as the narration proceeds) to more complex 2D or 3D animations. Animated videos can bring any concept to life in a fun, engaging, and accessible way.

Live Action: These videos feature real people and real-world scenarios. They’re ideal for companies that want to create a personal connection with viewers or when demonstrating a physical product or in-person service.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos: This animation style is a subset of animation that involves illustrations being drawn on a whiteboard or white background. They’re typically accompanied by narration. These videos are great for breaking down complex information in a simple, engaging manner.

Motion Graphics: These are a more advanced form of animation that involve moving graphic elements or text, usually combined with voice-over narration. Motion graphics videos are useful for explaining abstract or intangible services like software or data services.

Screencast Explainer Videos: A screencast video is a digital recording of a computer screen, often containing audio narration. These are most commonly used for demonstrating how to use a software application or website.

Infographic Explainer Videos: These videos use appealing visuals, charts, and graphics to explain the information in an engaging and easily digestible way. They’re ideal for presenting data and statistics.

Mixed Media Explainer Videos: As the name suggests, these videos use a combination of various styles (like animation and live-action) to create a unique and engaging video experience.

Choosing an explainer video style to use will largely depend on the nature of your product or service, your brand identity, and your target audience’s preferences.

10 Benefits of Working With an Explainer Video Company

Both live-action and animated explainer video production offer comprehensive benefits. 

It’s not just about having a visually stunning video – it’s about effective communication, improved online visibility, and fostering a stronger connection with your audience.

1. More Effective Communication

Infographic about the science of visual communication and how graphic recording and explainer videos increase retention

In essence, the key to effective communication lies in not only what you say, but also in how you say it. And explainer videos, with their ability to simplify, engage, and narrate, have mastered this art of effective communication.

One of the chief advantages that set explainer videos apart is their ability to convey complex ideas, products, or services in an accessible and appealing manner. 

Unlike lengthy text content, which can be overwhelming or dull for some users, explainer videos break down intricate concepts into digestible pieces of information through compelling visuals and succinct scripts.

The power of explainer videos lies in their multimedia nature—combining sound, visuals, and sometimes text—to create a holistic experience. 

This multimodal communication significantly improves understanding because it appeals to multiple senses. The viewer isn’t just reading or just listening; they’re doing both, which enhances their comprehension and retention of the information being presented.

Furthermore, explainer videos can tap into the power of storytelling, an approach known for its effectiveness in engaging people and helping them remember information. 

By presenting information in a narrative context, explainer videos can make even the most complex or technical topics more relatable and easy to understand.

2. Increases Online Visibility

Today’s algorithms favor video content, and search engines are no exception. 

Incorporating videos on your website and across various digital platforms can significantly boost your online visibility. 

Social media platforms, particularly, are heavily promoting video content, giving your brand a broader reach.

3. Enhances User Engagement

Modern internet business and entartainment symbolizing benefits of explainer videos

Compared to text or images, video content garners higher engagement rates. 

It captures attention and keeps viewers on your page longer, leading to increased dwell time, a key factor in search engine rankings. 

Engaging explainer videos can significantly contribute to enhancing user experience and interaction with your brand.

4. Boost Online Conversion Rates

Explainer videos can be incredibly effective at nudging viewers towards a purchase or a specific action, consequently improving conversion rates. 

They enable viewers to visualize the benefits of your product or service, which can persuade them to move down the sales funnel.

5. Improves Brand Recognition & Awareness

Well-crafted explainer videos can do wonders for your brand image. They allow you to present your brand story creatively, fostering a more profound emotional connection with your audience. 

6. Facilitates Social Sharing

Videos are more likely to be shared on social media than any other content type, potentially leading to increased brand awareness and reach. 

With their engaging and visual nature, explainer videos can easily become viral, multiplying their impact.

7. Better Customer Retention

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Videos help information retention. When customers remember your product and its unique selling points, they’re more likely to return. 

A memorable explainer video can make a lasting impression, ultimately leading to better customer retention.

8. Detailed Analytics For Improved Marketing Strategies

Video analytics offer insightful data that can guide your future marketing strategies. From viewing patterns to drop-off points, you can gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s preferences and behaviors.

9. Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

While there’s an upfront cost to creating an explainer video, the potential ROI makes it a cost-effective solution. With its versatility (you can use it on your website, social media, presentations, etc.) and long-term value, an explainer video can be a smart investment. In comparison to live action, animation is much more cost-effective. 

10. Access to Professional Expertise and High-Quality Production

Working with an animated explainer video production company like The Sketch Effect ensures high-quality output. 

With a team of skilled artists and storytellers, we ensure that your video is not just visually appealing but also effectively conveys your message.

What Should Businesses Consider When Choosing an Explainer Video Company?

Choosing the right explainer video production company is a significant decision as it can largely influence the effectiveness and success of your video marketing efforts. 

Here are some factors businesses should consider:

Portfolio & Past Work: The portfolio of a company can provide insights into the quality of work they deliver. It also gives you a sense of their style and whether it aligns with what you envision for your explainer video.

Experience & Expertise: An experienced company will likely deliver higher quality work and handle potential challenges better. Check if they have experience in your industry or with similar products/services, as this could also be beneficial.

Script & Storytelling Quality: The script is the backbone of an explainer video. It should be clear, engaging, and accurately convey your message. Pay attention to how effectively the company’s previous videos have communicated their client’s message.

Reviews & Testimonials: Past client reviews can give you an idea of what it’s like to work with the company. Look for information about the company’s professionalism, timeliness, communication, and ability to stick to budget.

Pricing: The cost should align with your budget. However, don’t let price be your only guide; a cheaper company may also deliver a lower-quality video. Aim to strike a balance between cost and quality.

Communication & Customer Service: Notice how promptly and professionally the company responds to your inquiries. Good communication is often indicative of a positive working relationship.

Customization: Each business is unique, and so the explainer video should reflect that. Make sure the company doesn’t use cookie-cutter templates and is willing to create customized videos that align with your brand identity and goals.

Timeframe: Make sure the company can deliver the video within your desired timeline. Production time can vary depending on the complexity of the video.

Remember, a well-crafted explainer video can significantly enhance your marketing efforts, so it’s worth investing time and thought into choosing the right production company.

Work With a Reliable Animated Explainer Video Company

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In conclusion, explainer video production offers a comprehensive array of benefits. It’s not just about having a visually stunning video – it’s about effective communication, improved online visibility, and fostering a stronger connection with your audience.

Ready to harness the power of explainer videos for your brand? Let The Sketch Effect guide you through the process. Reach out to us today to start discussing your ideas.