How & Why Businesses Should Create Product Explainer Videos

Clients, employees, and potential customers have all grown weary of the monotonous nature of uninspiring presentations, repetitive marketing efforts, and other traditional communication mediums. PowerPoint images in lengthy demos and endless advertising graphics on social media do little to capture audience attention and often fail to leave a memorable impression. To overcome the obstacles to standing in a saturated market, businesses should seriously consider using product explainer videos to promote their products, services, and brand. 

Why Animated Product Explainer Videos?

Product explainer videos make a powerful impression on consumers, but they do more than grab a viewer’s attention. Research shows that consumers better retain information when it’s presented visually. And that’s the point, isn’t it? Give them something to enjoy and remember.

In addition, animated marketing videos offer multiple benefits that other marketing mediums do not. 

The Power of Visual Learning

Infographic about the science of visual communication

Research shows that visual learning works better with every audience type…which of course, includes your clients. When someone instructs you verbally, you will only retain a small portion of that information in your short-term memory. Most information is gone as soon as you leave the meeting. 

In contrast, your brain stores visual images in long-term memory, meaning you can conjure up “pictures” well into the future. These information “snapshots” stick around. 

Adds Excitement to Presentations

Let’s face it. People are bored with the status quo of traditional presentations, especially after attending too many droning Zoom meetings during the pandemic. They yearn for something different. 

Animated videos capture audience interest, add a much-needed shot of excitement, and remain in their memory. Your audience will appreciate the change in pace and be more attentive and engaged. Remember, disengaged people learn absolutely nothing (no matter how long you worked on your material and perfected your presentation). 

Completely Customizable

A great explainer video is specific to your company’s needs. These visual tools are 100% customizable, allowing you to highlight your company’s culture, brand, products, and services. You help guide the message, the music, and the mission, and the team at The Sketch Effect brings them to life. The results will separate your business from your competitors. 

Informative Videos Inspire Action

An animated product video is vibrant, memorable, and inspirational. When your goal is to provoke action, you should choose a product explanation video. Your audience will be energized and ready to take the next step after viewing your unique video. 

Cost-Effective Solution Compared to Live Action Videos

Animated videos allow you to capitalize on the engaging nature of videos without the burden of live-action video production. Animation allows you to ditch the elongated timeframe and expensive costs associated with actors, studio rental, crew costs, gear, and other fees that add up fast. 

Animation Styles Used In Explainer Videos

Various animation styles can be leveraged to best suit your goals. The following three are video animation styles that The Sketch Effect specializes in for creating explainer videos:

Whiteboard Animation

In whiteboard videos, viewers follow a human hand sketching out visuals in real-time. Audiences are attracted by the immediacy of this method and the skill of the real artists who create them. Reminiscent of classroom learning environments, this animation style unfolds on a whiteboard and may also include physical objects and stop-motion to add to the video’s appeal. 

2D Animation

2D animation is immediately recognizable and popular with most age groups. Similar to a classic cartoon, these animations sequence together 2-D illustrations that include vibrant color, dynamic characters, and memorable visuals. Your audience won’t look away. 

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics animation uses shape-based vector illustrations focusing on motion, transformation, and dynamic transitions. We leverage digital animation programs to create original icons, graphics, and illustrations. The result is a sophisticated, clean-cut presentation ideal for more formal presentations, including those to the company board or important potential clients. 

The Process for Creating Product Explainer Videos with TSE

At The Sketch Effect, we have created a five-step process that produces the best product explainer videos possible. We collaborate closely with our clients and involve you during each step.

The Kick-Off Call

Our custom animation services begin with a kick-off call or meeting where we discuss your ideas and goals for the final product. We confer with you about your branding considerations, color palette, voice-over preferences, and other vital video components. Then we set a timeline that works for all project stakeholders.

Script & Voice-Over

Creating a script is one of the most important steps in creating compelling video content. Our team of writers will draft a script for your video based on relevant reference materials and information provided by you. Communication with involved parties is simple and can be done with a word document, PDF, brochure, email, etc. After you approve the script, we send it to our voice-over partners, who then record it according to your preferences. 


Once you approve the script, we also create a unique storyboard for your video. It will contain a series of loose sketches to demonstrate the visual concepts, flow, and direction we will use in your video. It’s a powerful indicator of the final animated product. 


After storyboard approval, our illustrators and graphic designers create the visuals to bring your video to life.  Motion graphics videos are digitally created using vector graphics instead of being physically drawn by hand (as in a Whiteboard Animation video) or digitally drawn by hand (for 2-D Animation style video).


Editing is the final essential step. We edit all video elements to produce an initial cut for your feedback. This cut includes voice-over, music, and sound effects. We can only make minor changes to the final cut at this stage, but we ensure the video is entirely polished. 

Start Creating Product Explainer Videos Today

It’s no secret that most people are tired of wordy oral presentations. They yearn for something better. That’s why video explainer videos should be a key part of your marketing strategy. They will directly appeal to your target audience and more effectively deliver your ideas. 

At The Sketch Effect, we understand how to create the best explainer videos, those that convey the information and image you want to project. Our animation videos are dynamic, memorable, and compelling. We will never bore your audience. 

CTA graphic with screen shots of animated videos

Why waste your marketing efforts on stagnant presentations? Contact us for more information on our unique and customized explainer videos. Interested in video animation but need a faster solution? Our timelapse animation voiceovers offer the same benefits as animated videos without intensive production.