Graphic Recording in Atlanta: Everything You Need to Know 

Graphic recording is a fantastic way to help a presentation appeal to an audience in a way that entertains and engages. Atlanta is a world-renowned hub for tech and business, and it’s perhaps especially fitting that local businesses here take advantage of this incredible tool. It’s an excellent method to ensure your message and audience are focused on the big picture.

What Is Graphic Recording?

Graphic recording, sometimes also called graphic facilitation or visual note-taking, involves a specially trained artist actively listening to content and creating visual renderings that accompany the information you’re presenting. Graphic recording artists create a combination of text and images that highlight your key points and help your audience understand—and hang on to—the information you’re conveying.

Graphic recording by The Sketch Effect titled "What do you love about Piedmont Park?" Atlanta-themed graphic recording deliverable.

Virtual Events

Like everyone else, we’re doing more virtual meetings here in Atlanta than ever before, and they’ve got their pros and cons. Luckily, virtual graphic recording is an excellent option for that venue. Digital graphic recording services involve a visual recording that helps your audience absorb and connect with high-level concepts in real-time. You can think of graphic recording as a form of visual notes.

Connecting online can be difficult, and graphic recording is a dynamic and entertaining tool that can help you meet that challenge head-on. Your virtual event can be enhanced in ways that not only entertain your audience but capture their attention with a visual recording of the information being presented.

After the event is over, you’ll have a copy of the graphic recording made available to you in various formats, perfect for sharing on social media. They’re a great way to help your audience revisit your talk and look forward to future events.


Graphic recording is equally fantastic for in-person or live events. As a speaker addresses the attendees, a graphic recording artist will hand draw a visual recording of your presentation as you make it in real-time. This gets your big ideas across effectively, engagingly, and memorably.

Benefits of Graphic Recording

Infographic about the science of visual communication

Using graphic recording services at your next event, whether online or face-to-face, is a sure way to get your message across to your audience in the most effective manner possible. Here are just a few of the benefits of graphic recording.

Holding an audience’s attention over the course of even a short presentation can be tricky, which is even more true for virtual platforms. A live sketch being created before their eyes in real-time is captivating—people want to see what’s going to happen next.

Visual information is processed more quickly than the same information presented any other way. Combining images and text is a powerful way to deliver your message, as it will be absorbed more quickly, remembered more entirely, and for longer.

Our Process

Here at The Sketch Effect, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients, and we take the time to ensure we understand not only their communication goals but their message and their voice as well. 

Our specially trained artists will meet with you to discuss your needs and your audience. We’ll work with you to create a plan detailing the best way to incorporate graphic recording services into your event.

Atlanta Graphic Recording Artists With a Wider Reach

Still shot from animated video featuring Atlanta Braves baseball stadium SunTrust Park

We’re grateful to be here in Atlanta, and we love every opportunity to help our fellow Atlantans get their big ideas, hopes, and dreams out to the broader world. Having said that, we work with businesses all over the country!

Marriott, Coca-Cola, Google, and even the American Cancer Society have entrusted us to capture their voice and express their ideas in graphic form, and we’re proud of that work. But that doesn’t mean we’re too big for our britches—or to work with local businesses.

Whether you’re neighbors or friends from across the wider way, we’d love to meet with you and talk about how The Sketch Effect and our talented and dedicated team can help you get your word out. We’re confident we offer the best in-person and virtual graphic recording services anywhere and would love to work with you.

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your event needs, and we’ll do our best to wow you with the power of graphic recording.