5 Reasons Why Digital Sketching is Awesome

We live in an increasingly digital world where information is always right at our fingertips. We expect it to be fast, high quality, and convenient. Perhaps more than anything, our digital world means more and more information is being presented in a visual format.

What does this mean for us as Live Sketching Professionals? After all, our industry was founded upon the tactile: pen and pad…marker and canvas…easels and inks.

Well, we are evolving too.

Digital Sketching at events and meetings is the next wave of bringing this trend into the workplace. What do we mean by “Digital Sketching”? It’s pretty simple, actually: “Digital Sketching” is just Live Sketching (or Graphic Recording, Skethnotes, etc.) done on a digital surface, such as an iPad, Cintiq or other Digital Tablet.

At The Sketch Effect, we’ve gone all-in on digital sketching. And, although we know we are biased, please hear us out…

Here are the top 5 reasons why Digital Sketching is AWESOME and should be a part of your business’s event and meeting routine:

1. It’s screen-friendly

Digital Sketches can be live-streamed easily, and you can cast them to an unlimited number of screens. Whether your audience is 10 people or 10 million, everyone could potentially watch the live sketch in real time.

Isn’t modern technology amazing?

2. It allows for more artistic options.

With digital tools, a Live Sketch Artist is only limited by his or her imagination. The medium of Digital Sketching can showcase a range of interesting, creative, and artistic techniques that you won’t find with traditional mediums.

3. It can be done remotely.

Speaking of convenience, Digital Sketching can be done remotely, from anywhere. It can then be live-streamed to any devices you choose.

In theory, an artist in Wichita could sketch live for a meeting taking place in Paris (although, if you have an upcoming event in Paris, we’d be more than happy to join you locally for that one!).

4. It’s faster!

We live in a world where people expect things as quickly as possible, preferably right away. With Digital Sketching, a client receives faster deliverables (and more deliverables) than with traditional methods. And, speaking of fast, it’s a simple process to then convert the Digital Sketching session into a video time-lapse replay that you and your team can watch over and over again.

5. It’s better for the environment

Going digital always means there is less waste. With Digital Sketching, fewer paper products are consumed, which we can all get behind, right?

If you are looking for ways to keep your business and your team progressing in this increasingly digital world, and want to increase the effectiveness of your meetings, digital Sketching is a cool, efficient and relevant choice. It will provide a memorable learning experience, accessible to everyone, making your ideas more understandable and actionable.

CTA Graphic with images of virtual graphic recordings

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