Frequently Asked Questions



Do you do graphic design work?

Yes. Although our main services are Sketch Effect Live and Sketch Effect Video, we will occasionally help out a client with a design project if it falls under the umbrella of “Visual Communication” (i.e., using illustrated visuals to communicate ideas)

Do you actually hand-draw your White Board videos?

Yes! A Real live human being uniquely draws the artwork in each of our whiteboard videos on camera in our studio. We don’t use any software to automate or fake the White Board effect.

When live sketching, how do you know what to capture? Do you use notes?

In almost all cases, our live artists do not use notes. Rather, we leverage the skill of active listening to determine what to capture. In other words, we listen to spoken content in realtime, filter it for key themes, ideas and messages, and then create a visualized synthesis of that content using images, typography, color and icons. It’s amazing!

Do you offer Graphic Facilitation services?

Not directly, although we are happy to partner with facilitators to craft a meeting experience that leverages live sketching in a facilitated context.

Do you sketch at weddings or birthday parties?

No, we primarily serve in corporate, educational, or ministry environments.

Do you do caricatures?

Although our work may incorporate a caricature of a keynote speaker or an individual referenced in a discussion, we do not offer caricatures as a service in and of themselves.

Do you sketch holiday cards, personalized gifts, or other commission work?

No, although we are happy to refer you to some amazing freelance illustrators.

So, will you create logos or branding packages?

No, although we are happy to refer you to some amazing Graphic Designers.

Where are you located?

Although we have an extended network of Sketch Effect Live Artists all over the country, our home office studio is located in the great city of Atlanta, Georgia. Stop by for a visit sometime!

Can I get you to speak at my conference or event?

Yes! Our founder William Warren is available to speak at conferences and events. Speaking topics include the power of visual communication, active listening, culture, and creative entrepreneurship. Reach out through our contact page to learn more.

Is The Sketch Effect awesome?

Yes. The Sketch Effect is awesome!