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“Having artists from The Sketch Effect at our onboarding programs has been a huge hit! The learners love seeing their conversations and work come to life through the sketches the artists create. They feel ‘heard’ and that their contributions are validated. And as a result, they engage more. The sketches have great uses following the programs, too! They can be used in communications and marketing of future events. The team was easy to work with and they made the whole experience fun for everyone.”

Ernie Brescia
Senior, Live Design & Development Studio Manager

“We are an exhibitor at a trade show each year and are always looking for creative ways to engage with our booth guests. A team member attended another conference and saw the work of The Sketch Effect team and was “wowed” by their work so we invited them to be a part of our booth experience. When guests stopped by the booth, we asked them two or three key industry questions. Our artist would then sketch their answers as they came in. This attracted many people to the booth and it was a great way to follow up with our visitors. They have been with us for several years. If you’re looking for someone to make your events memorable and also provide a valuable tool for meetings and conferences, The Sketch Effect will not disappoint!”

Diane Kidawa
Marketing Manager

“Our business is complex.  In looking for simple and shareable means to communicate our issues, we found The Sketch Effect.  The relationship started with several illustrated videos explaining the workings of power plants and the electric grid.  We have also advanced to using the team for Live Sketching at internal meetings and training sessions.  Their ability to simplify messaging into layman’s language and visuals has been astonishing to see and beneficial to our success. We value the partnership.

Ronny Just
Governmental Relations Manager
Southern Company

The Sketch Effect was a highlight of our recent event! With any large company conference with hundreds of attendees and dozens of talks, one of the biggest challenges is giving the content back to the attendees in a way that they can use to cascade the message to those that weren’t in attendance. The Sketch Effect did this beautifully and uniquely. Our feedback scores have never been higher and we will DEFINITELY be using The Sketch Effect again! Cory Ludens VP of Learning & Development Mattress Firm

Hire Us to Speak at Your Next Event!

Looking to bring in a fresh voice to your next meeting, conference or panel?  Our founder, William Warren, shares at events of all shapes and sizes, offering his unique perspective on business, creativity and leadership from 5+ years in the entrepreneurial trenches. 

Speaking Topics Include:

  • The Power of Visual Communication
  • How Active Listening Can Change the World
  • Creative Entrepreneurship

Workshops Include:

  • Listen Up! Unlocking the Power of Heroic Listening 
  • Sketch Effectiveness: Drawing for Business 

To learn more, contact us though the form above. We can’t wait to share at your next event!

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