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Engage your Georgia conference or event with Sketch Effect Live!
With Sketch Effect Live, our amazing Atlanta-based Live Artists, Ross Boone, Alejo Porras, and Rachel Eleanor Phillips, attend your Georgia conference, event, or meeting and sketch in the room in real-time. Whether through large format, onsite “Graphic Recording,” digital format, offsite  “RemoteNotes”, or Interactive murals that engage your attendees, our very own home-office Live Artists will visualize your ideas in the moment and produce an artifact that endures long after.
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Ross Boone

Ross is one of The Sketch Effect’s Atlanta-area Live Artists. With two impressive degrees (in Engineering and Industrial Design) and a wealth of creative skills (illustration, animation, writing and design), Ross combines his right and left brains to create amazing work. Three years ago, Ross left his corporate job to pursue a creative career and hasn’t looked back. Fun fact if you ever talk to him: He survived an airplane crash!

Alejo Porras

Born in Costa Rica & fluent in both English and Spanish, Alejo is the second bilingual member of the Sketch Effect team. Armed with a background in Graphic Design and a Masters Degree in Illustration, Alejo is a Live Sketching force to be reckoned with.  He’s a great active listener, too — just ask his wife (who also happens to be an amazing illustrator). If you ever hang out with Alejo, ask him to cook for you — his culinary abilities are also top notch.

Rachel Eleanor Phillips

Proudly rocking the double name, Rachel Eleanor is an Atlanta-based designer/illustrator extraordinaire. Having taken up sketch noting at her first “real job” after art school, she quickly discovered how Live Sketching is a perfect blend of her love for quality art, compelling ideas, and great people. When not at the canvas, Rachel Eleanor hangs out with her husband and cat, enjoys bird watching, bookstores, yoga, flowers, podcasts and Trader Joe’s adventures.

“The Sketch Effect is a no-brainer for events. We had a large conference with several keynote speakers, and we loved being able to share something visual and memorable from each of the keynotes. Our attendees were impressed and it was a creative way to share something special with those who couldn’t attend the event.”

Whitney Vincent

Some of the Atlanta Team’s Work

(the stuff we can share, of course!)

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