5 Reasons to use Graphic Recording for Company Events

Looking for an unusual twist to improve your next company event?  In a recent report by Bizzabo:

  • 97% of event marketers believe hybrid events will be popular in 2021
  • 80% named attendee engagement and satisfaction as top KPIs
  • More than half (52.9%) found it harder to create memorable virtual experiences

Visual notetaking makes events more fun, improves experiences, and maximizes outcomes.

Graphic about the science behind visual communication.

5 Reasons to Use Graphic Recording for Corporate Events & Meetings

Capture the Mood

Event pictures alone don’t fully capture the mood of your event. Video is often too long and hard to condense. If you are recording a speaker, you will have a lot of dead space which isn’t very captivating for a virtual audience.

With live sketch illustrations, a professional graphic notetaker will capture the heart of the presentation as it is being presented. You can use a graphic recorder to illustrate the vibes of your event, which is a lot of fun for your attendees to witness in real-time.

It is also a great reminder later, drawing people back to the experience your company event offered. The finished boards can make great vision boards for your breakrooms or lobby—depending on the nature of your event and the content highlighted.

Live sketching taking place in front of an audience

Increase Event Engagement

Live sketching is captivating. People love watching the artist interpret their words and incorporate them into the event illustration map. The illustration becomes a powerful visual tool that helps increase learning and memory retention and your speakers can ask for audience participation to help boost engagement. 

During the event, you can also use finished illustrations as photo props or interactive stations to continue the power of the engagement.

Stay Connected After

One of the reasons to plan a company event in the first place is to bolster connections and support. After the event, you can form deeper connections because you will have a purpose to reach out—sending out the graphics from the event.

You can use the graphics to further build those relationships as you craft new content around various parts of the event conversations.

Illustration of graphic recording on different devices

Content Support

Do you publish articles to a blog or send out emails to your audience? Event notes can make great graphics later content. They can also help spark content. After an event, use segments of the overarching graphic as images for your blog or email copy, spinning the content from that segment of the talk.

This can be a huge benefit when it comes to brainstorming your content marketing strategy. You can find all kinds of gems in your illustrated event notes.

Capitalize on Networking

Live sketches are really great for meeting speakers. They help captivate the audience and they make a great product for later. If you give your speakers a digital copy of the finished visual notetaking board, they can use it on their own channels—which points back to you. This helps you form better partnerships with your speakers and increase your reach by connecting with anyone they choose to share the visual with on their own channels.

Hire Graphic Facilitators

Want people to remember your next corporate event?  Our visual note takers are ready to help you boost engagement and deliver lasting results. Check out our portfolio to see what we’ve done for other client’s company events and then contact us to schedule a consultation!