The Sketch Effect is a team of talented creatives dedicated to elevating ideas through remarkable visual communication.

William Warren

Founder and Principal, Live and Video Artist

A passionate believer in visual communication, William’s primary task is to ensure The Sketch Effect is delivering the best possible visual communication solutions to its clients. He’s the standard-bearer, sketch ambassador, and visual communication evangelist, on a mission to elevate ideas. In addition to running the business, William still likes to get his hands dirty (with marker ink, of course).

Ross Boone

Live Artist – Atlanta, GA

Ross is one of The Sketch Effect’s Atlanta-area Live Artists. With two impressive degrees (in Engineering and Industrial Design) and a wealth of creative skills (illustration, animation, writing and design), Ross combines his right and left brains to create amazing work. Three years ago, Ross left his corporate job to pursue a creative career and hasn’t looked back. Fun fact if you ever talk to him: He survived an airplane crash!

Brandon Jones

Animator and Editor

Brandon is the main animator and editor at The Sketch Effect, using his skills to masterfully bring Sketch Effect videos to life. If he comes across as quiet, it’s just because he’s contemplating the next mind-blowing technique he’ll use to make the next Sketch Effect video the best Sketch Effect video. …Or he’s contemplating Burritos (#AnimationFuel).

Meg Easterbrook

Director of Operations

Meg’s job is to keep the whole system running smoothly, ensuring excellent, on-time, and on budget projects. Whether it’s drafting a killer timeline, coordinating deliverables, or keeping a project on track, Meg does her work with equal parts grace and grit.  She ensures that the Sketch Effect experience is amazing for both clients and team-members, alike. Plus, she’s also a heck of a nice person.

Jai Ollennu

Live Artist – Los Angeles, CA

Jai is The Sketch Effect’s resident Live Artist in Los Angeles, helping serve clients in California and other parts of the western United States. Jai brings a diverse set of skills to the table, including design, coding, illustration, animation, graffiti art, Capoeira, and more. Besides producing stellar Graphic Recordings for Sketch Effect clients, he might just be the most likeable human on the planet.

Jonathan Garner

Business Development Coordinator

With a passion for growth and a love for relationships, Jonathan’s job is to take The Sketch Effect to new people, places and heights. Whether it’s helping clients find the perfect visual communication solution, implementing brand-building initiatives, or just spreading the word, Jonathan’s focus is towards the future. A native Texan and Dallas Cowboys fan, you can find him and his Georgia peach wife planning their next adventure, whether that’s checking out a new restaurant or a new country.

Amber Laremont

Production Artist, Live and Video Artist

A conceptual mastermind and creative extraordinaire, Amber is the brains behind Sketch Effect video projects. From storyboard execution to conjuring up clever production concepts, Amber helps put the “visual” in “Visual Communication.” She’s also an avid Sketchnoter, and has been known to Sketchnote her favorite podcasts, her own weekend experiences, and even the meals she eats.

Emily Carlton

Live Artist – Nashville, TN

A master of Sketchnotes and accomplished designer and illustrator, Emily is The Sketch Effect’s resident Live Artist in the Nashville, TN Market. With deep focus and poise, Emily brings fantastic Graphic Recording and Sketchnote services to the Music City and beyond. An avid traveler and nature-lover, when she’s not exploring a canvas you can find Emily exploring the world around her…preferably in a kayak.

Join the Team!

At The Sketch Effect, we are always looking for talented creatives to join our team and extended network. If you are a seasoned pro or just starting your visual communication journey, we’d love to get to know you. Check out the postings below, or if nothing is listed, reach out to us at

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