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Sketch Effect Live

With Sketch Effect Live, we travel to your conference, event, or meeting and sketch in the room in real-time. Whether through large format, front-of-the-room “Graphic Recording,” small format, back-of-the-room “Sketchnotes”, or Interactive murals that engage your attendees, our team will visualize your ideas in the moment and produce an artifact that endures long after.

Sketch Effect Live is a great fit for:

  • Conferences with amazing speakers and breakout sessions
  • Corporate meetings, retreats or off-site events
  • Brainstorming, Journey Mapping, or other similar workshops

Sketch Effect Live adds value in the following ways:

  • As a fun, creative addition to your live event
  • By helping you synthesize the big ideas
  • As a great, physical display to populate a common area of your event
  • As an ideal digital follow-up to share back with your audience after your event
  • As promotional content for a website, social media, blog, and more
  • As a unique gift for you to offer your speakers, hosts or event organizers

Sketch Effect Video

At The Sketch Effect, we produce videos that help tell your story in an understandable, memorable and sharable way. Whether through our classic, yet effective, “Whiteboard Style” Videos or through our slick and polished “Animated Style” Videos, our team focuses on communicating your idea in a visual way that drives real results.

Sketch Effect Video is great for:

  • Promotional or Marketing videos to help spread the word about a business, start-up, event or product
  • Internal videos to share important messages amongst a common audience
  • Educational, Instructional or Curriculum videos to help share the big idea behind a complicated message

Sketch Effect Video adds value in the following ways:

  • By helping you tell your story in an engaging visual way
  • By refining your message to make it short, sweet, and effective
  • By leveraging effective Voice Over talent, music and sound effects to amplify your message.
  • By giving your audience a direct call to action that drives a specific result
  • By giving you the ability to share your idea on Youtube, social media, your website, at an event, in a presentation and more.

The Sketch Effect adds value to any corporate event, party, or gathering by helping capture and communicate ideas in the most creative, effective, and memorable way possible! We loved having The Sketch Effect as a key part of our event and we will be using them for many more to come!

Walter Kinzie
Encore Live

“The goal of effective communication is to convey something in a way that it is crystal-clear to your audience. The Sketch Effect has been our solution to accomplish this goal. Easy to work with and very professional– ADDO loves The Sketch Effect.”

Kevin Scott

“The Sketch Effect helped us create a resource that is very appealing to our more visual clients. Their unique talent, professionalism, and detail to project management, all blended together to help us create an outstanding resource for our clients in a short timeframe. We would highly recommend them!”

Carol Jackovich
Ronald Blue & Co.

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